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Short Courses

Geospatial Data Analysis:
SESYNC invites applications for participation in a Geospatial Data Analysis Short Course, March 27-29, 2019. The course aims to accelerate the adoption of open source computing resources for geospatial and temporal analyses of socio-environmental (SE) issues.
Details here. Deadline January 27.

An area of conflict: the effects of agricultural subsidization on conservation goals worldwide:
The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) (Germany), the University of Leeds (UoL) (UK), and SESYNC are partnering to invite applications from highly qualified PhD students from the partner organizations interested in an international collaborative synthesis research experience. 
Details here. Deadline January 31.

Bayesian Modeling for Socio-Environmental Data
SESYNC will host a nine-day short course June 3 - June 13, 2019 covering basic principles of using Bayesian models to gain insight from data. 
Details here. Deadline March 15

Center Announcements

SESYNC is excited to welcome our newest postdoc Lee Mordechai! Learn more about Lee and his SESYNC research project, Rugged Resilience: Cities and the Environment in the Late Antique Eastern Mediterranean.

Check out the schedule for the Spring Seminar Schedule. Seminars are help Tuesdays at 11am and open to the public.

More from SESYNC

Lessons Learned for Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Socio-Environmental Problems

Reconciling SDG conflicts: the case of mosquito net fishing

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires examining the impacts of health interventions across multiple sectors,

Cities could play a key role in pollinator conservation

Given the pressures that pollinators face in agricultural land, cities could play an important role in conserving pollinators, according to a new study.

Lessons Learned for Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Socio-Environmental Problems

In our tenure, we've learned a few lessons about interdisciplinary collaboration along the way...

SESYNC Publications

Linking ecosystem function and hydrologic regime to inform restoration of a forested peatland.  Published in Journal of Environmental Management  by Morgan Schulte and colleagues including SESYNC postdoc Nate Jones.

Examining Seafood Fraud Through the Lens of Production and Trade: How Much Mislabeled Seafood Do Consumers Buy?. Published by Resources for the Future by Kailin Kroetz and colleagues including SESYNC postdoc Jessica Gephart.

Synthesizing dam-induced land system change. Published in the Ambio by Phillipe Rufin and colleagues including SESYNC postdoc Florian Gollnow.

Mosquito net fishing exemplifies conflict among Sustainable Development Goals. Comment published in Nature Sustainability by SESYNC postdocs Christopher Trisos, Jessica Gephart, and Steven Alexander.

A systems approach reveals urban pollinator hotspots and conservation opportunitiesArticle published in  Nature Ecology and Evolution  by Katherine Baldock and colleagues including former SESYNC postdoc Phillip Staniczenko.

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