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Graduate Student Workshop

SESYNC)invites applications for the 7th Graduate Student Workshop on Socio-Environmental (S-E) Synthesis , to be held August 6-9, 2019 , in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.  Workshop goals are to:
  • Energize and engage students in innovative, team-based, and use-inspired S-E synthesis research
  • Increase student capacities through S-E synthesis training, skill-building, and networking
  • Prepare students for upcoming S-E synthesis research and leadership opportunities at SESYNC

Stories from the Center

Climate Change May Weaken Children's Education in the Tropics

In parts of the tropics, exposure to extreme temperature or rainfall in early life is associated with fewer years of schooling in later childhood.

Environmental change as a public health risk

If the wild protein sources go away, foods that are nutritionally inferior will likely replace them and add to a cascade of health challenges that already exist, explained ecologist and epidemiologist Dr. Chris Golden.

From Tropical Biodiversity to Navigating the New Arctic

From declining Arctic sea ice to tropical deforestation, understanding complex environmental problems requires collaborative, integrative approaches. 

SESYNC Publications

Identifying temporal and spatial patterns of diatom community change in the tropical Andes over the last c. 150 years.  Published in the Journal of Biodiversity  by SESYNC postdoc Xavier Benito and colleagues.

Comparing community garden typologies of Baltimore, Chicago, and New York City (USA) to understand potential implications for socio-ecological services. Published in  Urban Ecosystems by Elsa Anderson and colleagues as part of the Graduate Pursuit, Examining a Vacant Lot to Urban Garden Transitions to Determine Drivers of Ecological Wealth and Dearth.

A Case Study of Cimex lectularius L. (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) Infestations in an Office Environment. Published in the the   Journal of Economic Entomology by  Shannon Sked and colleagues as part of the Pursuit,   Socio-spatial Ecology of the Bed Bug and its Control.

A systems thinking approach for eliciting mental models from visual boundary objects in hydropolitical contexts: a case study from the Pilcomayo River Basin.
Published in Ecology and Society by Riveraine Walters and colleagues as part of the Graduate Pursuit,  Transcending Boundaries.

To create sustainable seafood industries, the United States needs a better accounting of imports and exports. Published in PNAS by SESYNC postdoc Jessica Gephart and colleagues.

From transdisciplinary projects to platforms: expanding capacity and impact of land systems knowledge and decision making. Published in   Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability by SESYNC researcher Morgan Grove and Steward Pickett .

Effects of Urbanization on Native Bird Species in Three Southwestern US Cities. Published in   Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution by Christopher Hensley and colleagues including former SESYNC poostdoc Christopher Trisos.

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