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Request for Proposals

Propose a Pursuit: 

Propose a Workshop: 
Workshops may summarize and/or synthesize the state of the topic and/or identify future directions that have the potential to lead to a larger synthesis effort. Workshop applications are not required to fall under a Theme.
Details here . Apply by  October 22, 2018 .

Graduate Pursuits:
SESYNC is particularly interested in Graduate Pursuit proposals that bring together diverse backgrounds and disciplines as well as diverse sources of data in novel, integrative ways. 
Details here . Apply by November 2, 2018 .

Socio-Environmental Immersion Postdoctoral Fellowship Program: 
Successful candidates will use  synthesis methods  to address a problem arising from, or associated with, the relationship between humans and nature.
Details here. Apply by October 24, 2018.

Job Opportunity

Research and Evaluation Assistant:
SESYNC seeks a Research and Evaluation Assistant to join its research programs team in supporting SESYNC's research, evaluation, and monitoring efforts.
Details here. Apply by September 28, 2018.

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What is Actionable Science?
Data & Methods
SESYNC Welcomes Seven New Postdoctoral Fellows

Ph.D.: Ecology
Hometown: Tortosa (Catalunya, Spain)
SESYNC Project: Critical transitions in Andean Socio-Environmental systems
Ph.D.: Environmental Sciences
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
SESYNC Project: The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Meeting Ecological and Socio-economic Goals of Conservation

Ph.D.: Environmental Management and Engineering
Hometown:  Seoul, Korea
SESYNC Project:  Evaluation and projection of global landcover change and impacts on water resources

Ph.D.: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology   
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina  
SESYNC Project: Ecological impacts of food waste  

Ph.D.: Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Hometown: Leesburg, Virginia
SESYNC Project:  Integrating host movement, genomic, and spatial data to understand the effects of human-altered landscapes on pathogen spread
Ph.D.: Nursing
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
SESYNC Project: Climate and Health: What is the role of the neighborhood environment in children's respiratory health outcomes?

Ph.D.:  Ecology
Hometown: Montana
SESYNC Project: The role of animals in mediating plant global change responses
Updates from Cyberhelp

New Look for the Files Portal

SESYNC is upgrading the web gateway to the data directory allocated to funded projects! The upgrade will improve support for syncing files between your computer and SESYNC's file storage.
From SESYNC to Jupyter

The latest addition to SESYNC's cyberinfrastructure - rolling out on ¬≠September 20th - is a JupyterHub gateway for Python based data analysis and visualization.
Raster Change Detection Analysis with Two Images

This blog provides a simple example of change detection analysis using remotely sensed images from two dates.
SESYNC in the News

New York Times piece featuring research from 2017 paper by SESYNC postdoc Christopher Field.
SESYNC Publications

Frontiers in socio-environmental research: components, connections, scale, and context. Published in Ecology and Society by  Simone Pulver  and colleagues including former SESYNC postdocs Steven Alexander and Jampel Dell'Angelo.

Pet problems: Biological and economic factors that influence the release of alien reptiles and amphibians by pet owners. Published in Ecology and Society by 
Oliver Stringham and Julie Lockwood as part of the Pursuit, Linking Trade, Biology, and Pet Owner Decisions to the Risk of Vertebrate Invasions in the US.

Tools and methods in participatory modeling: Selecting the right tool for the job. Published in Environmental Modelling and Software by Alexey Voinov and colleagues as part of the Pursuit, Participatory Modeling .

Social Norms, Yard Care, and the Difference between Front and Back Yard Management: Examining the Landscape Mullets Concept on Urban Residential Lands. By SESYNC postdoc Dexter Locke and colleagues, including SESYNC scholar Morgan Grove, in Society and Natural Resources .

Understanding the Nexus Between Hydrological Alteration And Biological Invasions. Chapter in Multiple Stressors in River Ecosystems by former SESYNC postdoc Albert Ruhi and colleagues.

Cross-discipline evidence principles for sustainability policy. Published in Nature Sustainability by Edward Game and colleagues including former SESYNC postdoc Steven Alexander.

Achieving the promise of integration in social-ecological research: a review and prospectus. Published in Ecology and Society by Angela M. Guerrero and colleagues, including former SESYNC postdocs David Gill and Neil Carter.
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