SETPOINT2 study enrollment continues to grow and we have several new site activations. Please join me in welcoming Chethan Rao at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston,Texas; Krishna Rajajee at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Hauke Schneider at Klinikum Augsburg in Augsburg, Germany. We have two more sites awaiting activation – University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont and University of Tennessee in Knoxville. After these two centers go live the SETPOINT2 study will be closed to additional sites for activation.

We continue to strategize on increasing patient enrollments. To that end, we have developed new patient and study materials. Posters and laminated cards have been sent to all activated US sites. Please see the “News” section below for further details and contact information if you haven’t received your materials.

We are greatly looking forward to the next US Research Advisory Committee meeting in December.  I have found these meetings to be an opportunity to learn from patients and their families about their ICU experiences. They are full of ideas about how to improve SETPOINT2.
Thank you to our investigators, research staff, patients, families, stakeholders, and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) for their continued support of the SETPOINT2 Trial. 

Best regards,

David Seder, MD
US Principal Investigator
Maine Medical Center