SEWRPC Announces New TDM Coordinator 
SEWRPC is pleased to announce the addition of Michael B. Smith as our new Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Coordinator. With this addition, the Commission will be working to foster TDM strategies across the Region that encourage alternatives to driving alone to work and improve access to jobs.
New Bike/Pedestrian
Count Data Available
Commission staff continued the 2019 season of the nonmotorized count program, which is expected to involve collecting 54 short-term counts in addition to 4 permanent sites. Between March and August, staff collected counts at 36 locations. Data from 18 locations counted during the spring season (March through May) are now available on the interactive map on the Commission website.
Lauderdale Lakes Aquatic Plant
Management Plan Update
SEWRPC recently completed the third in a series of aquatic plant surveys for Lauderdale Lakes in Walworth County as part of an update to their aquatic plant management plan. Preliminary data collected by SEWRPC staff in August 2019 show that the Lauderdale Lake system contains a rich variety of plant species. 
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