Just Confirmed!
KID CANDIDATE, this year's Closing Night film, will have a live Q&A at the Roxie with director Jasmine Stodel.
Tickets are still available, get yours while you can!

The San Francisco Documentary Festival last films at the Roxie play Wednesday and Thursday, and the virtual festival ends Sunday.

You still have time to check some of some fascinating personal stories from around the world.
While men in Morocco are allowed to marry again six months after they have been separated, for women to get divorced is an almost insurmountable bureaucratic undertaking. Ghita, Latifa and Saadia are attempting it nonetheless.
At first gathered to create an after-school film project, six Black middle school girls return each week to collaborate with their Black and white mentors on a feature-length documentary about their own coming-of-age in Baltimore City.
Seventeen-year-old Leonardo Castillo uses skateboarding to help escape gang life and generational poverty in his Chicago neighborhood. When a gunshot wound threatens to take away his passion, Leo must face the world as an adult.
A young, female prison guard, works in a hopelessly overcrowded jail in Madagascar.​ Her observations of the realities of prison life interlace with her daydreams about her unknown father, who disappeared after murdering his own brother when she was still a child.
Haunted by a long-broken relationship with her father, anthropologist Carolina Arias Ortiz returns to her childhood home of Costa Rica to repair their relationship while haunted by the otherworldly mystery of ancient stone spheres in this lyrical and poetic debut feature.
Catherine’s Kindergarten is the story of a mother’s emotional journey to confront her grief after the death of her only child, juxtaposed with her physical journey to a Nepalese mountain village to open a school in memory of her daughter.
Clean Slate follows two friends in a drug recovery program in the American South struggling to come to terms with their addiction and mental illness by making a short film about the pain they’ve caused their families.
Since the 1950's wireless signals have been banned in Green Bank to protect its radio telescope from interference. With no cell phones and no wifi, the small Appalachian town has attracted a number of people that claim to suffer from Electro Hypersensitivity seeking respite from the modern world.
Niger, West African country whose population is among the poorest in the world, victim of Islamist terrorism and post-colonial corruption, is perceived through the rediscovery of exceptional ancient Koranic manuscripts.
Fans of film festivals know that the short film programs are full of hidden gems of story telling. Don't miss the 38 excellent short films playing in this year's festival!
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