The San Francisco Documentary Festival kicks off today!
Check some of these wonderful offbeat stories playing at the Roxie and in your living room.
VANGUARD AWARDEE - in 1970 Michael Brody Jr., a 21-year-old hippie millionaire promised to give away his $25M inheritance in an effort to usher in a new era of world peace.
Live at the Roxie June 10.
Guinea Pig Diaries shows us firsthand the special bond between humans and their pet guinea pigs, revealing stories much more compelling than we could have ever imagined.
Live at the Roxie June 10.
It's a never-ending flow. All day long, people come to the reception desk at the Lost and Found Office. They want to retrieve their belongings, they're in a hurry. But finding what has been lost is not an easy task.
Live at the Roxie June 11.
In the Mojave Desert, not far from Los Angeles, lies the unfinished city of California City. Lashay T. Warren left behind his turbulent past in LA to build a new life within this grind of thousands of crumbling streets.
Live at the Roxie June 11.
Workhorse Queen explores the complexities of mainstream television’s impact on queer performance culture.
Live at the Roxie June 16.
The Taste Of Desire is an epic documentary in which the oyster symbolizes our desires in life.
Live at the Roxie June 4.
This immersive depiction of Istanbul's venerable Cerrahpaşa Hospital passes coolly through its darkened corridors from the physical spaces of morgue, operating and observation rooms to the virtual spaces of vital-signs monitors and X-ray machines
Shared Resources depicts the filmmaker and their family after his father was fired from his job as a debt collector and their parents declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Filmed during Singapore's 50th anniversary, Sementara (“transient”) encapsulates the philosophies, daydreams, and crucial moments strangers share-which all lead back to certain universal truths.
False Alarm investigates the diverse reactions to the surreal and traumatic morning when families, soldiers, tourists, and every person on Hawaii was forced to confront an unthinkable reality—an incoming nuclear missile.
Live at the Roxie June 6.
Thank you to the sponsors of the 20th SF Documentary Festival!
SF IndieFest co-presents at Frameline:
Potato Dreams of America
The charmingly wild tale of young Potato, a sensitive closeted kid in the splintering Soviet Union whos only joy is watching pirated American movies. Desperate for escape, his mother Lena becomes a mail-order bride, and the two set sail for America to live with her eccentric new husband. Tix and info.