The 21st San Francisco Documentary Film Festival presents the best new non-fiction films from around the world and around The Bay June 1 - 12, 2022.

The full festival program may be found at
Filmmakers in attendance for most shows.

The following are a few highlights of this year’s SF DocFest program:

Wed June 1, 630p Roxie Theater
When a young women is shot by an undocumented immigrant on Pier 14 in San Francisco, the incident ignites a political and media furor that culminates in Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States.
Wed June 1, 845p Roxie Theater
When members of Falun Gong hack China's state TV to expose brutal repression - lives are changed forever.
Thu June 9, 630p Roxie Theater
At the height of the international occupation of Afghanistan, two women are imprisoned on charges of “moral crimes” by an Afghan justice system that is supported by billions of dollars of aid money from the European Union.
Thu June 9, 845p Roxie Theater
OBJECTS follows three unique people who have held onto things which have gained incredible meaning for them over decades.
Sun June 5, 630p Roxie Theater
IN THE BONES is a lyrical documentary that explores the personal and political by interweaving the lives of 12 characters living in Mississippi during a legislative session in which equal pay for equal work and abortion rights are being decided.

Sat June 4, 630p Roxie Theater
The true story of a pandemic; politics; misunderstanding and prejudice; the impact of the media; and, most importantly, AIDS activist and Real World San Francisco star Pedro Zamora, his life, his joy, and his influence, as told by people who knew and loved him, and by those who witnessed the strength of his commitment and its impact.
Thank you to the sponsors of the 2022 SF Documentary Festival!