Central Metro Subway
Project in San Francisco is
Near Completion
Waterproofing Experts is excited to announce the near completion of the new Central Chinatown Station in San Francisco  
Waterproofing Experts started the Central Subway Project in 2015
The Central Subway Project will improve public transportation in San Francisco by extending the Muni Metro T Third Line through SoMa, Union Square and Chinatown. By providing a direct, rapid transit link between downtown and the existing T Third Line route on 3rd Street, the Central Subway will vastly improve transportation to and from some of the city's busiest, most densely populated areas.
When the Central Subway is completed, T Third Line trains will travel mostly underground from the 4th Street Caltrain Station to Chinatown, bypassing heavy traffic on congested 4th Street and Stockton Street. Four new stations will be built along the 1.7-mile alignment.
HDPE Waterproofing Systems
4th Street Station 
Workers install waterproofing at the northeast corner of the 4th Street station box, sealing the edges with tar before installing rebar for the invert slab.
ChinaTown Station
Workers drill pilot holes for rebar using spray-applied Polymer Rubber Gel into the exterior slurry walls at the southwest corner of the station box.
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