Strength & Resistance
When in the course of human events .....It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. No matter how you begin any reflection on 2017, it's clear we're witnessing the most divisive and dangerous acts of regression and aggression in recent history. Here at the Troupe we join you and the rest of the world in shock and disbelief as executive orders and alternative facts become the new norm while other Americans rejoice in the opportunity to use these new mandates as validations for white supremacist doctrines and endorsement of hate crimes. It's a lot to digest and frankly why we've been out of touch as we wrap our Collective heads around it.

Nevertheless there is a silver lining under this reign of the Marmalade Mussolini - the revival of massive resistance. As reporters are expelled from press rooms the voices of the masses refuse to be silenced. From the first post-election day rallies to the massive worldwide women's marches it is clear that the movement is growing aided by a new generation of activists willing to take to the streets. As are we Troupers, beating our drums of opposition. In fact we'll be hosting two free workshops in our studio to make drums and learn drumming techniques in preparation for the next big march on April 15th (see below).

Divisive politics is not good policy and as the working title of our summer show Walls suggests this is the real danger. Isolationism is our enemy. It breeds, ignorance and fear and grows into a hatred that can destroy all. Theater, comedy and music in particular, is an excellent way to break down walls and learn from each other. Through our shows, youth workshops and outreach projects we are pushing through harder than ever to make these worst of times the best of times.
Youth Theater Project (YTP)

Plunging into Week Four of discussions, theater games and improvisation, YTP participants are well on their way to creating the Spring double-bill for 2017: two original one-acts written, rehearsed, & performed by the participants themselves. These high school age artists have committed to a rigorous schedule of thrice-weekly three-hour sessions, including special sessions dedicated to expanded study with guest teachers, such as classes with Hip Hop for Change, Theater of the Oppressed, and a drag workshop! The final product of all this effort will be two new plays, each offering an original take on our historical moment, each informed by the passions and concerns the wit, sensibilities, and style of the young creators.

Showtimes: Friday, April 7 @ 7.00p, Saturday, April 8 @ 2.00pm
Where: Mime Troupe studio, 855 Treat Ave, SF
Young California Writers' Project

The Mime Troupe's Young California Writers' Project is in full swing again! Our Resident Playwright, Michael Gene Sullivan, is currently working with 60 students at Balboa High School is San Francisco twice a week, teaching playwriting skills. In April we will once again host a festival of the one-act plays created by the students, bringing professional actors and directors to bring these plays to life at the Mime Troupe Studio! We'll keep you posted with details!
Drumming Workshops

In preparation for the upcoming season of marches and protests against the incoming Administration the Mime Troupe will be hosting drumming classes on March 27th and April 9th. Nothing lifts the spirits of tens of thousands of protestors like precision drumming - except, of course, the overthrow of tyranny and the establishment of justice!

When: March 27@ 7.30p-9.30p
When April 9 @ 6p-9p
Where: Troupe Studio, 855 Treat Ave, SF
Hidden Voices

Hidden Voices, the culminating piece of our year-and-a-half long project workshopping with three different Central Valley groups, recently held its first round of staged readings for its creators and our Youth Theater Project participants. Hidden Voices is derived from plays created under SFMT guidance with teens in Merced,
with inmates in Salinas Valley State Prison at Soledad, and from in-depth interviews with migrant workers. With the broad topic, "Creating a Culture of Health", participants examined personal experiences and crafted plays reflecting their health concerns. Although physical health concerns about illness, contrac eption, and healthcare were present, emotional and mental health were paramount. Depression, isolation (the #1 health threat according to the outgoing Surgeon General), and substance and physical abuse informed the various plays as personal histories of border crossings, imprisonment, and abusive behavior were illustrated. SFMT is extremely proud to be a part of this extraordinary project that mirrors the plights of so many who live "below the radar". The subject matter also echoes the urgency of real prison reform, quality public education, and immigrant rights.
Mime Trouper looking for affordable housing in Bay Area

If anyone has any solid leads on housing, we would like to introduce you to Marie!  A SF native, Marie has worked as an intern, volunteer, prop master ( Schooled), assistant teacher for our youth program AND she is currently in the middle of her Emerging Artists in Residence (EAR) with the company.  Email housing leads to:

And save the date April 28 & 29 @ 8.00pm to see her performance at the Troupe! Yesterday is Tomorrow is the variety show for the revolution! Sisters and San Francisco natives Marie & Genie Cartier perform a series of thematically connected vignettes. A satirical look at the past, present and future of a world increasingly hostile to artists and dominated by technology. Also, feminism. Also, boy bands. More info will be posted here and on Marie's website.

What Are Troupers Up to Now

Have you ever wondered where else past and present Mime Troupe Company Members work and perform? Wonder no more! We will keep you posted on Troupers' current shows and other shows we feel are worth seeing!  Check out Trouper News!
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