February 2019
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Block Captains Meeting

Join us! There will be an SF SAFE Block Captains Meeting at 6 p.m. Wed., March 20, 2019, at the
Bayview Linda Brooks-Burton Branch Library, 5075 3rd St. in San Francisco.

Request for Services Form

Want to organize a Neighborhood Watch Group? Register your bike with SAFE BIKES? Or maybe you’d like a home or business security assessment? It all starts with our Request for Services form !

Recruitment Workshop

On the lookout for a solid, rewarding career? The SFPD is hiring! Save the date for the SFPD’s Recruitment Workshop Tues., March 26, 2019. Learn all about it at sfpdcareers.com

Lunar New Year Safety Event a Shining Success

Good fortune shined upon SF SAFE’s Jan. 18 “Lunar New Year Extortion Prevention and Public Safety Press Conference” and Merchant Walk to provide a beautiful sunny day during an otherwise stormy San Francisco week.
Officers Volunteer for African American Read-In

The San Francisco Police Department’s (SFPD) finest visited Dr. Charles Drew Elementary in the Bayview district the morning of Mon., Feb. 4, for a very important assignment: reading to students during SF SAFE’s “African American Read-In.”

Roland Tolosa Brings
Security Savvy to Board

SF SAFE board member Roland Tolosa’s 
safety roots run deep. Tolosa, who joined the board of directors during the summer of 2018, is a retired, 32-plus year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) who first encountered SF SAFE...

Program Milestone

It’s an organizational milestone that SF SAFE is pretty excited to report: we’ve been conducting Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) security assessments for 30 years. The assessments...
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