July 2020
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The Fourth of July is over, but the fireworks continue. They’re beautiful, but extremely dangerous. San Francisco has a no tolerance policy for fireworks. Find out how to report this type of illegal activity to the SFPD.
Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Group meetings are being held during the pandemic with no more than 10 participants (plus the organizer); only 1 person per home/family attending; and all health safety protocols being met. 
Face Masks

A reminder that Gov. Newsom has ordered the use of face coverings while in public or high-risk settings, incl. when shopping, taking public transit, etc., following concerns about an uptick in state COVID-19 cases.

SF SAFE’s Work Continues despite
COVID Curveballs 

Even amid a pandemic, the crucial safety outreach of SF SAFE continues on. Community policing initiatives such as Neighborhood Watch Groups—the crux of our work for the San Francisco community—are an essential component of lowering crime rates and creating a safer city.

How to Deter Crime
in Your Neighborhood  

Unfortunately, there will always be those who will capitalize upon a crisis for their own advantage. As evidence of this truth, there has been a rise in crime—particularly break-ins and package thefts—throughout San Francisco during the pandemic. Here's what you can do to help deter crime in your neighborhood.

How to Spot Phishing Scams 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant against potential phishing scams that seek to garner your personal information. Why? Because every scammer loves to capitalize on a crisis. Here's what to watch out for.

SF SAFE’s Tips for Preventing
Garage Break-ins

Garages can sometimes be the most vulnerable area of the home and they are often the entry point targeted by thieves because of the easy access they offer. To that end, SF SAFE has created some tips to help secure your garage and protect it from theft.
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