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Community Policing

There’s a lot SF residents can do to combat crime. Get to know your neighbors at a Neighborhood Watch Group. Install motion activated lighting & security cameras. And if you see something, say something. Learn more
Election Day

It’s Election Day! Polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Click here to learn about the various ways to vote today and here for info about voting safely in-person during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fall Driving

SFPD Southern Station’s quick tips for safe driving this fall include checking that your vehicle’s windshield is clean, wipers are working and washer fluid is full. Check your lights/signals and your tire tread/air pressure too. 

SFPD Community Meetings Go Virtual

In a sign of the COVID-19 times, SFPD Community Meetings have gone virtual. To protect the health and safety of everyone who participates in the meetings, police stations have moved them from their typical brick-and-mortar locations into the virtual world of Zoom.
CDC Weighs-in on Celebrating
a Safe Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when people travel far and wide to be with their loved ones. But amid the pandemic, the holiday is going to be—in a word—different. Given that travel increases the chances of contracting and spreading the virus, health experts agree that staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others.

Persistent Safety Issues in the City
& How to Address Them

Some persistent safety issues are afoot in SF—car break-ins, home burglaries and sideshows among them—and they've only been exacerbated since the onset of the pandemic. But even though these issues persist, there’s actions community members can do to help prevent these crimes from happening to them.

SFPD Taraval Captain Warns
of Uptick in Scams

SFPD Taraval Station A/Captain Aaron Lozada has warned local residents, merchants and community stakeholders about an uptick in reports of financial scams. As the holiday season gets underway—historically a popular time for scams—it’s key for people to know the dangers so they can avoid becoming victims.

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