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Cleaner Air Site

Do you operate a public building or community or faith based organization that might be used as a Cleaner Air Site during an unhealthy air quality event such as the current wildfires? Click for guidance on how to help.

New Website

Have you noticed? SF SAFE’s website has a totally revamped look! Visit today for up-to-date info about our programs & services, SAFE BIKES registry, tips on protecting your property and so much more! 

Wildfires & Coronavirus

As San Francisco grapples with two public health threats concurrently—wildfire smoke and COVID-19—the San Francisco Department of Public Health has some tips residents can take on how to handle both evolving situations. 

SFPD Confirms Rise in Burglaries
amid Pandemic 

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) recently confirmed something that many city residents may have suspected: burglaries have been on the rise since the shelter-in-place order was enacted.

Top 10 Riskiest Places
for Catching Coronavirus

Post-lockdown period, a key question on everyone’s minds has been what places pose the greatest risk for COVID-19 infection? Recently, more than two dozen epidemiologists were asked to rate the risk of contracting COVID-19 at various U.S. venues on a scale of 1-10.

SFPD Station Newsletters Emerge as Key Resource during COVID

As the SFPD observes social distancing during the pandemic, one significant change has been the cancellation of many district stations’ community meetings. Amid this new reality, stations’ weekly newsletters are emerging as an ever-important resource for community members to stay connected to local police.

What to Do If Your Bike Gets Stolen
in San Francisco

It’s no secret that bike theft in San Francisco is a problem that’s only been made worse by the pandemic. Should it happen to you, SF SAFE has some suggestions on steps you can take to increase your chances of recovering your bike.

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