SFCCPA Monthly Meeting

SFCCPA Monthly Meeting
November 27, 2017
6:30 - 8:30 PM
Children's Council of San Francisco, Room 120
445 Church Street, San Francisco

What's on the agenda?
  • Report back from Atlanta, NAEYC Conference
  • Possible ballot measure for affordable child care in San Francisco

SFCCPA monthly meetings are scheduled for the 4th Monday of each month. A light meal will be served to keep you going at the end of a long day. Professional Development hours available to meeting participants. Stay tuned for special meetings and events with SFCCPA's Events & Updates.

SFCCPA is currently sponsoring a creative ECE leadership group, ECECAN! Interested? Email  sara@ecesf.org.

SF SEED Application Due Soon


As you may know, SF SEED (San Francisco Supporting Early Educator Degrees) is a fiscal incentive program for early educators who are working toward an associate's or bachelor's degree in early childhood education. I've attached a flyer with more information about eligibility and application deadlines. The SF SEED application deadline for fall 2017 is November 21st. Please read the attached flyer and visit our website for more information about eligibility, stipend levels, and step by step directions on how to apply to SF SEED.

There are changes to this year's stipend, here are the highlights:

New Eligibility Criteria
  • Non-Ratio Staff: Staff employed by licensed SF childcare centers who are not in direct ratio are now eligible to apply for stipends.
  • Education Plans: In an effort to meet BA mandates for the field, stipends are available for individuals working toward degree attainment, applicants can only receive a stipend for courses that follow approved Educational Plans that are designed for degree attainment in Child and Adolescent Development or a related major. If you need support in obtaining an Educational Plan, please visit our website for more information. 

Click here for the SF SEED flyer to see how to qualify for the SF SEED Stipend as well as
 the Title 5 BA Stipend:

We are more than happy to come to any of your sites to help with the application process during nap time or lunchtime. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Tanu Sreedharan | EDvance Fiscal Incentives Coordinator
Phone: 415.405.4342 | Fax: 415.405.2788
San Francisco State University |1600 Holloway Ave. |HSS 244| San Francisco, CA 94132
Early Childhood New Zealand Tour

Registration is now open for the 2018 New Zealand Early Childhood Education Study Tour.

Additional information, applications, opportunities for donations, and links for direct contact with organizers are all available on the Hilltop Children's Center website.

Workforce Registry & Job Announcements
If your site has job postings, please share them with us! Email info@ecesf.org.

For comprehensive ECE job information, check out the California ECE Workforce registry! 
The Registry is a state, regional, and local collaboration tracking and promoting the education, training, and experience of the early care and education workforce, and piloted in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Visit www.caregistry.org to create your account, and post or search job listings. For assistance, contact the San Francisco Professional Development Project (PDP) in the Child Development and Family Studies Department at City College, 415-452-5605, or Mona Mala, mona@childrenscouncil.org, 415-343-4669.

Jobs in the ECE Community

Substitute Teacher - http://mncsf.org/home/jobs/substitute-teacher/

Regional Education Manager - http://mncsf.org/home/jobs/regional-education-manager/

Education Program Assistant - http://mncsf.org/home/education-program-assistant/

Center Teacher Specialist - http://mncsf.org/home/center-teacher-specialist/

Master Teacher - http://mncsf.org/home/master-teacher/