October 2020


At Convention, Bishop Loya shared four priorities for ECMN’s life together in this moment. You can see the vision laid out here – he has invited our people and faith communities to attend to faithful innovation, justice, and vitality by leaning into discipleship. Discipleship, as in daily practices that help us follow Jesus as a whole way of life, as the core business of our faith communities. 
That word, ‘discipleship,’ might come with baggage for some of us, especially those who fled to the Episcopal Church as a safe haven from other forms of Christian faith that we experienced as spiritually abusive. And yet, as people following the way of Jesus, we have every reason to claim and re-claim that word. Discipleship, from the Latin ‘discipulus,’ simply means ‘learner’ or ‘apprentice.’ When we look at the Greek word that we translate as ‘disciple,’ we see a sense of progressive, deepening wisdom: being formed not just in cognitive knowledge but in a way of life. And whether we consent to it or not, we are formed, discipled, every day and every moment, in a way of life that is shaping us: the news and advertising media we consume, the dominant cultural narrative we absorb in school, the passive assumptions of ‘how the world works,’ and – perhaps most deeply – the relationships we encounter in our families of origin and in our closest friends and loved ones. These kinds of discipleship relationships can be just as powerful and abusive as the religious communities some of us fled. We are being formed by those forces, for good and for ill, all the time. Read the rest...


The Rev. Susan Daughtry
Missioner for Formation

Donation Based Registration for Fall 2020
For Fall 2020, ECMN and the School for Formation will offer our courses to all in ECMN without requiring tuition. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for our members and faith communities, and we hope to bring our learning resources into reach during this challenging time! If you are in a position to make a financial donation, your gift will help us continue to offer robust learning opportunities at accessible rates for ECMN leaders in the future. Thank you for learning with us!
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November 2 - December 21
This introductory course will explore the Book of Common Prayer. Students will learn about the historical development of the Book of Common Prayer from the English Reformation onward; explore the theological, missional, and ecclesiological claims of the Prayer Book; develop skills to inculturate the Prayer Book tradition in local contexts; and discover the richness of the Prayer Book as a resource and frame for personal piety as well as public witness. 
November 2 - December 21

From serving lasagna at the potluck to praying at a hospital bedside, pastoral care happens in contexts that are the most mundane, and the most critical. This course will introduce you to pastoral care and the issues that commonly arise in pastoral ministry. 

November 2 - December 21,
January 18 - March 8, 2021

Experience the five spiritual practices of joining God in a new Missional Age. After we’ve tried on the work ourselves, we’ll begin to imagine who we might call to join us in the journey. Then, become apostles and teach the practices to a handful of others. This is a great course for those who want to lean into discipleship and evangelism!

Safe Church Trainings

Safe Church for God’s Children 
Tier 2, required for anyone who has access to facilities and/or is in ministry with children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

Safe Church for God’s People 
Tier 3, required for staff, clergy, leaders who are involved in managing ministries for youth and adults alike.
Safe Church Update: New Lay Ministry Policy
In June, ECMN's Council passed an additional Safe Church policy document. This policy applies to issues related to any behavioral concern between lay adults pertaining to abuse, harassment, and exploitation. Get caught up here.
Soul Food for Faithful Leadership
Join in the Bishop's Book Club -- discussing Dr. Catherine Meeks' Living Into God's Dream at Leading Beyond the Blizzard on Tues., Oct. 20
A great 90-minute listen -- Presiding Bishop Michael Curry speaking with Brené Brown on her podcast.
Learn about the history of voter suppression - with the nonpartisan Brennan Center. This video comes as a recommendation from the Rev. Rick Swenson.
Daily Reflections on Scripture: Unfolding Light
"Steve Garnass-Holmes is a recently retired Methodist minister and consistently puts out a poem or blessing each day, focused usually on one of the upcoming Sunday’s lections, but sometimes on other subjects too. I subscribed so I get an email every day. There are tons of these kinds of things out there of course but this for me is one of the best."
-The Rev. Beth Royalty, Calvary, Rochester

Leading Beyond the Blizzard
Weekly videoconferences, Tuesday at 2pm, to gather ECMN folks around key conversations in response to the pandemic, racial justice, and the ways Episcopalians can participate in God's mission now. Join us.
The 2020 Election
As followers of Jesus, we are called to partisan neutrality, but not moral neutrality. That's why it's essential for us, as Minnesota Episcopalians, to follow Jesus' example and step into the public square. ECMN is releasing resources to help faith communities as they engage in this contentious election season.
The Rev. Susan Daughtry | Missioner for Formation
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