September 2023

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Bon Samaritain School Starts 2023-4 School Year!

Good News Students Are Being Educated...

Challenging News Students Are in Temporary Classrooms

The new school year started on September 11 with 350 students eager to learn and 30 teachers excited to educate!

Together they persevere even though the existing Bon Samaritain School primary building (Grades 1-8) are now unsafe for our students. When the 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck only 30 miles from Bondeau in August 2021, initially three classrooms were badly damaged. However, with over 900 aftershocks (some extremely strong) over the next year, the primary school building built in 2005 slowly began to crumble. Once cracks exposed the inner rebar, salty tropical air began to rust and crack open the walls even more. The building now stands empty as deemed unsafe for our most precious children. Education continues though in temporary classrooms constructed with cement foundations, roof and walls of corrogated metal and bamboo slatted breeze windows.

The Secondary School building completed in 2016 is still functioning for Grades 9-13 and the new Kindergarten building completed in 2022 is at a maximum of 35 students per class (3 classes).

Your contributions are what make education happen in Bondeau! THANK YOU for your gifts that bring hope and a brighter future of the 350 students of Bon Samaritain.

Announcing SFHP Scholarship Program!

For graduates of Bon Samaritain School in Bondeau

Since the first graduates of Bon Samaritain School in 2016, graduates and their families have yearned for a way to continue education past high school. Each one has dreamed of either technical school or university... to apply themselves in ways that will benefit the community of Bondeau, their families and themselves. Now some will have a chance for that brighter future of which they all aspire to attain.

First the first time, due to the generosity and passion of several donors, SFHP has developed a Scholarship Program with an application process for Bon Samaritain graduates. While we wish all graduates could have the gift of continuing on to university or technical school, the reality is we do not have funds to do offer scholarships for every graduate (yet!)

For this Fall, the SFHP Scholarship Program can only offer 2 scholarships... one to the nursing school in Leogane (FSIL - a 4-year degree), and one to a Miragoane university. The process is nearing completion at the time of this writing. Please pray for all Bon Samaritain graduates and their future.

Donate to the SFHP Scholarship Fund

Congratulations to each of these committed students for completing 13 grades (there are 13 grades in Haiti) and for passing the National Exam! Each dreams to continue their education at either technical school or university... watch upcoming newsletters for ways to help them!

Bon Samaritain Graduate & Now Teacher Achello Gauvin!

Take 3 minutes and watch this video of Achello talk about graduating from Bon Samaritain School then going to university and coming back to teach in Bondeau!

Food Packing food DELIVERED to Bondeau...

A story of miracles!

Annual Food Packing 2023 arrives for School Lunches!

This is a story of diligence, perseverance, and God's blessing. First, due to the civil unrest and violence in Port Au Prince (the main port in Haiti where ships deliver goods), the port was closed for 4 months. Then another month delay due to Food for the Poor needing to get emergency shipments for the victims of terrible flooding in Leogane. Eventually, after 5 months the SFHP Food Packing food, Food For The Poor was finally able to ship our food from FL to Port Au Prince. From there our new alliance, Lifeline Christian Mission took it on a barge around the gangs to Grand Goave where FINALLY Bondeau leaders could safely pick it up with a rented cargo truck to deliver it to Bondeau! Praise God for the help of partners!

Now 300 boxes of 64,800 meals are available for Bon Samaritain School lunches for 350 children each school day. For many of these children it is the only meal of the day. Food scarcity has become even more severe since the earthquake in 2021.

SFHP is committed to finding creative ways to eliminate hunger in the Bondeau community. All possibilities are being explored... an agronomist to assist in finding ways to combat drought to grow food there... animal husbandry to raise livestock... funds to purchase food in Haiti when available... and new ways to ship food to Bondeau. It is not an easy problem to solve. Please pray for continued collaboration, more donors, and new creative ways to meet the basic needs of the children and families in Bondeau.

Earthquake Repair Update

Rebuilding the Friendship House

On August 14, 2021 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti with the epicenter only about 30 miles from Bondeau. While no buildings in Bondeau collapsed, the Guest House received critical damage rendering it unsafe. This vital building housed Pere Phanord (Priest-in-charge) and 15 other community members as well as anyone who visited Bondeau (mission teams/pilgrimages, healthcare professionals, teacher training staff).

Work began in January 2023 and now the roof is almost complete as the rebuilding of the newly re-named Friendship House continues. The total cost is $160,000 and already $99,836 has been raised and used. Now only the installation of tile flooring, windows, doors, toilets, sinks, kitchen appliances, and beds still need to be funded and completed-- leaving a balance of only $55,648.74 needed. Please donate to help complete this building to provide this housing and hospitality!


An Invitation for YOU... SFHP Regional Gatherings!

Three Gatherings

in three regions!

Thursday, Oct. 12

5:30 pm at

Bethesda by the Sea

Sunday, Oct. 22

2:00 pm at

St. Mark's - Ft. Lauderdale

Saturday, Nov. 18

4:00 pm at TBA

in the Miami area

While we are spread out geographically, SFHP is connected by our hearts for partnership with the people of Bondeau, Haiti. Please come hear the latest updates and meet the many faces of South Florida Haiti Project. There is room for more! Enjoy some delicious treats, beverages, and connect with each other!

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Instead of giving me a gift this year, please consider making a donation to South Florida Haiti Project. This nonprofit organization partners with the small community of Bondeau, Haiti for education, healthcare, clean water, food support, and ways to bring economic sustainability.

I have more "stuff" than I need, but there are children and families in Bondeau, that don't even have food to eat. It will bring me great joy to know a child and/or family in Bondeau has a brighter future because you donated to South Florida Haiti Project in my honor. Please join me changing lives by giving the gift of education, healthcare, clean water, food, and economic sustainability!

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