August, 2020
Share & Connect Quarterly Newsletter
Emergency Food Shipment Arrives in Bondeau!
One of the most devastating effects of 2020 for Haiti has been the dramatic escalation of food scarcity. The people of Bondeau were already facing hunger before the Covid-19 crisis. The continued depreciation of the gourde [Haitian currency], the steady rise in food prices, and new restrictions on movements and disruptions of economic activities, has brought hunger to even higher life-threathening levels. Pere Jean Phanord, Bondeau's Priest-in-Charge, identified hunger as the greatest priority for the community.
In response, Bethseda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church funded 200 bags of rice and 100 bags of beans for Bondeau processed through Food For The Poor. Delivered to Bondeau this essential food was distributed on August 22 to 150 families feeding over 450 people. The people of Bondeau are beyond grateful for our partnership and for the food.
AUGUST 7, 2020
First Virtual Event Huge Success!
What an experience with eight voices from our partnership sharing all the initiatives in action through video, pictures, and music! THANK YOU to all who participated helping to raise over $26,000 to fund the initiatives of education, healthcare, food, and economic sustainability! Keep reading to see how your support is making a difference. Did you miss the livestream? It's not too late to see it.... Learn More
Chicken Broiler Project
This project chosen by the Bondeau leaders... organized with the help of Food For The Poor and financially seeded by Bethseda-by-the-Sea... it is run totally by local Haitian leaders bringing not just economic sustainability but HOPE. Listen to Wilcaire in the video above describe what this simple project of raising chickens brings for the community of Bondeau. Their choice to use proceeds to help fund further education for graduates of the school.... Learn More
$ 75,000 Grant Awarded to SFHP!
The amazing generosity of millions of people enabled UTO (United Thank Offering) to award over $1,548,013.66 in grants for humanitarian and mission projects around the world. SFHP was filled with gratitude and excitement to receive $75,000 specifically to bring clean drinking water into Bondeau and improve sanitation by building two bathrooms for the school. A buried pipe system will connect the fresh water source over a mile up the mountain directly into the heart of the community. This will be life-changing for the people of Bondeau affecting most importantly their health as well as releasing hours each day in their lives and energy that can then be used for other sustainability for themselves and their families. Many years of prayers are being answered. Learn more about UTO...