February, 2021
Share & Connect Quarterly Newsletter
The Bon Samaritan secondary school is celebrating the tremendous accomplishment of ALL their 12 graduates passing the national exam! This is required by Haiti for them to receive their high school diplomas. Passing this exam is also necessary for any student to continue to higher education.

The families of the 128 Bon Samaritan secondary students are paying a higher tuition than primary grades (Pre-K thru 8) in order to earn a diploma that will bring opportunity for their young people. Education is truly the pathway to success. The SFHP goal is to keep that pathway open to all the children of Bondeau.
Bon Samaritan Graduates Continue Their Education Through Generous Sponsors
Anna Govin
Rose-Laure Dor
Carlos Fontaine
Many Bon Samaritan graduates dream of continuing their education to equip themselves to find employment and live a fulfilling life. Their only chance for higher education is to be supported financially by generous sponsors. Currently three graduates are being sponsored by individuals to attain their dreams.

Anna is attending FSIL Nursing School in Leogane. Rose-Laure is attending Normal School in Miragoane to become a teacher and Carlos is attending the University of Leogane (UNIVEL).

We give thanks for these sponsors and ask your prayers for these students as they continue their education as well as for all those that still have the unrealized dream.
Progress of Bathrooms Being Built at the School!
The miracle continues of bringing sanitation to the school! Soon students and staff will have 12 functioning bathrooms at the school and 2 showers available to those living on campus.

The UTO grant awarded this summer to South Florida Haiti Project is specifically for this bathroom project as well as piping clean, potable water into the community.

The bathroom project is utilizing water from the wells drilled in 2017 which were disappointingly not potable; however, now blessing is found from this water for essential sanitation.

Work is progressing and the bathrooms are expected to be complete near the end of March. The potable water project will then begin.

Some have remarked how high the building is and wondered if it was two stories. The building is elevated in order to accomodate the septic tank underneath it above-ground because the architect determined it was better than burying it at the depth that would be necessary for correct drainage.

“Access to safe water and adequate sanitation services has proved to be one of the most efficient ways of improving human health. [It also] has other important benefits ranging from the easily identifiable and quantifiable (costs avoided and time saved) to the more intangible and difficult-to-measure (convenience, well-being, dignity, privacy, and safety).” -- UN World Water Development Report
Thoughts of Bondeau...

Each newsletter features “thoughts” from someone who has been to Bondeau— every person is unique sharing their own gift(s) of skill, talent, love, and relationship— each one has a story. Each decides what their focus will be: it may be their memories of Bondeau; or perhaps it is what happened after their time in Bondeau; or it could be about Bondeau relationships formed; and more! Be it about the place, the people, or the experience... whatever is shared, may these personal insights enhance and expand our understanding of our Bondeau partnership.

Dave Gury shares...
My connection with Bondeau began with a priest from Food for the Poor preaching at St. Gregory’s in about 2001 and my learning that a gift of $2,000 would build a house for a family in Haiti. Wow, that sounded like something I could do. Soon after that, working with Deacon Anita Thorstad at St. Gregory’s, we organized a visit to Haiti. We went to the town of Jeannette that had a church and school supported by a partnership with the Diocese of Milwaukee WI. They were overseeing the beginning of a school in the area near by called Bondeau. That visit introduced me to the people of Haiti and to a level of poverty and lack of basic human needs that I had never seen before despite my extensive world travels. What struck me most was the amazing sense of faith and hope that kept the people fully committed to each other and looking forward to the possibility of growing, with outside support to bring basic education to the children. Supporting the hope that I saw in the faces of the children and adults led me to years of praying for the people of Bondeau and to providing the organizational skills and fund raising background I have to build the basis to help the people at Bondeau build on their spiritual base and begin to be lifted out of their extreme poverty. This work is continuing today with the South Florida Haiti Project organization as a partner to Bon Samaritain Episcopal Parish and community in Bondeau Haiti.

We give thanks for Dave's 20 years of service to Bondeau...

Dave was a founding member of the South Florida Haiti Project (SFHP) board when the ministry to Bondeau was formalized with the organization of SFHP. He has served faithfully in many roles, most notably as Treasurer for many years. We honor his great impact and leadership as he steps down from a formal role on the Board. Dave made clear his heart will remain with the people of Bondeau and he will continue to support SFHP initiatives. We give thanks and acknowledgement for work well done.
Dave has been involved in the development of the infrastructure in Bondeau since 2001. Watch this video made in July 2020.
NEW Healthcare Plan!
Your support is needed...

The SFHP Healthcare Coordinating Team has collaborated with our Haitian healthcare professionals to formulate a plan for Bondeau to have regular, ongoing healthcare. Working as a team, Bondeau will have:

  • SFHP School Nurse 5 days a week
  • Monthly visits by a ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner)
  • Quarterly visits by a doctor who will also be available for consultation and telehealth when necessary.

This team will begin with a 2-day Mobile Clinic at Bondeau supported by nursing students from our partner FSIL (the nursing school in Leogane)
Funds are needed to begin this plan as soon as possible.

Will you please help bring healthcare to Bondeau?
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We can't PACK food to send this year, so we are PAIRING
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We need YOUR help... right from where you are!
Update on Currency Crisis in Haiti...

The October action of the Haitian government to artificially inflate the value of the Haitian gourde in relation to the American dollar is still a major challenge. In September, the exchange rate was 125 gourdes to the dollar and in October the rate became 63 gourdes to the dollar. The rate has improved slightly as of February to be 76.6 gourdes to the dollar.

If you want details and explanations you can read more in the Miami Herald and the Haitian Times. Most economists believe that this change is not sustainable, and that the exchange rate will return to the pre-October level.

For the South Florida Haiti Project, this remains a serious issue in that money sent every month for teacher salaries now covers only part of the payroll. This puts Pere Phanord in a very difficult position as there are not funds to make up the shortfall. This new government policy could be devastating for not only Bon Samaritan School, but all the SFHP initiatives in Bondeau.

Please continue praying for a resolution to this currency crisis.