Feb. 8, 2018

SFWMD Governing Board Continues Efforts to Preserve the Everglades Headwaters of Shingle Creek
SFWMD is continuing to purchase environmentally-sensitive lands in the Shingle Creek Management Area of Orange and Osceola counties to preserve the headwaters of Florida's Everglades. Click on the image for a larger version.

West Palm Beach, FL - The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Governing Board today approved another land purchase to help preserve the Shingle Creek Management Area in Orange and Osceola counties, which serves as the headwaters for Florida's Everglades.
This map shows the land owned by SFWMD in the Shingle Creek Management Area in blue as well as the two parcels being purchased from willing sellers for conservation in red. Click on the image for a larger version.
"This Board remains steadfast in ensuring the health of the Everglades, and Shingle Creek is critical to achieving this goal," said SFWMD Governing Board Chairman and Orange County resident Dan O'Keefe. "Every parcel of property we can secure helps preserve Shingle Creek, which is an important step for the Everglades and a worthy investment in the future of our environment."
The Governing Board approved purchasing 3.61 acres from two willing sellers in Shingle Creek for $101,000. The District has been purchasing land around Shingle Creek for conservation since 1991 -- originally, through the Save Our Rivers program and, subsequently, with mitigation funds -- because of the creek's unique hydrologic function and environmental value for the Everglades. SFWMD now owns nearly 2,500 acres for conservation within Shingle Creek. Another 1,100 acres is privately owned.
The Governing Board also approved an amendment to this year's budget, adding another $375,000 to acquire land from willing sellers within the Shingle Creek Management Area.
About Shingle Creek
Recognized as the headwaters of Florida's Everglades, the Shingle Creek Management Area is the largest natural area in the Greater Orlando area. It is comprised primarily of hardwood swamps with some upland habitat and is home to 154 different wildlife species. The swamp plays a critical role in providing regional flood protection and ensuring water quality. This area also offers extensive public recreation opportunities for thousands of residents and visitors each year and includes activities such as kayaking, hiking, biking, fishing and wildlife viewing.
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The South Florida Water Management District is a regional governmental agency that manages the water resources in the southern part of the state. It is the oldest and largest of the state's five water management districts. Our mission is to protect South Florida's water resources by balancing and improving flood control, water supply, water quality and natural systems.

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