Your weekly update from St. Francis Xavier School...

Have a Blessed Triduum!  
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LUNCH MENU  at-a-glance 
for when we return from break:
April 24
Grilled Cheese and tomato soup
April 25
Chicken patty
April 26
Pizza wedge
April 27
Shepherd's Pie
April 28
Meatball Sub

Don't forget...
A few upcoming 
May Milestones
  • May 1st - Kindergarten screening for current preschoolers    (*There is no school for current Kindergarteners on this day.)
  • May 3rd - Progress reports for Grade 8 only 
  • May 10th - Progress reports for Grade 1-7 
  • May 15th - School May crowning 
Our IN-SCHOOL fitting day 
will be 
Monday, May 1st @ 8:30am 

A flyer was sent home last week with instructions on how to place an order.

Grades 2-8:
May 1 through 
May 12

It is very important for students to be well rested, get to school on time, and avoid unnecessary absences or dismissals during those two weeks, so as to not interrupt their testing schedule.  

Please check your calendars and rearrange doctors visits or other appointments in advance if at all possible.  Thank you!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:
Friday, April 28th - Gala and Auction
Friday, April 5th - Easter Celebration
May 8th- 12th - Teacher Appreciation 

Please click here to let us know that you are available to help in some capacity!
April 28th is fast approaching!
With only  15 days until our largest fundraiser of the year, it is time to send in your reservation!

This week's adventures...
     A fast, four day school week ends with one of the most moving and solemn parts of the liturgical year. Beginning this evening, with the Mass of the Lord's Supper, we will begin the journey with Our Lord through His passion, death and resurrection. Please plan on validating the truths of our faith that we teach your children here at school, by being active participants in the Triduum.

     The anticipated resurrection of Our Lord will be a wonderful onset to a week away from school!  Our faculty and students will enjoy a rest and reprieve from the normal activity, as we enjoy our April vacation! When we return to school on Monday the 24th the joys of the Easter season will continue, as we celebrate the season in a multitude of ways! Classroom teachers will be unveiling their crucifixes and statues, and will begin to rehearse for our Easter Celebration set to take place on Friday, May 5th at 1pm.
     If you have not done so already, please consider making your reservations for our major fundraiser of the school year, OPEN DOORS.  This is our school's largest fundraiser that will not only generate our fundraising goal for the year, but above and beyond that goal, we will also raise funds for specific school improvements. You will not want to miss out on this exciting evening!

 Have a blessed, prayerful Triduum and we will see you all after the Resurrection!!
God bless!             
~Mrs. Russo
Faith in Practice

Divine Mercy Holy Hour
Sunday, April 23rd 
(chanting of the Chaplet at 3pm, the Hour of Mercy)
Our next School Mass will be on:
April 24th @ 9am
(Weather permitting)

*Grades 6-8 should wear their Special Occasion Uniforms
CLICK HERE to be directed to our website for more information and registration forms...
Standard pricing rate begins now!
On with the races...
1st floor leader is now  PS4-Cordeiro 
2nd floor leader is still 7th grade

Please send your boxtops...on sheets , or in ziplock we can track class progress though April.  
Who'll get a chance at some awesome prizes?!