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Let us pray for all those travelling to witness to the dignity of all human life this coming week.
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Next week's LUNCH MENU at-a-glance:
Jan 23
Maxx Sticks
Jan 24
Chicken Patty
Jan 25
Pizza Wedge
Jan 26
Shepherd's Pie
Jan 27
Meatball Sub

Don't forget...

Please send in your 
re-registration forms and fees ASAP to secure your spots for 2017-18 
before we open enrollment.

FACE Financial Aid Applications are now available in the school office.  
Please email to request one if you are interested.
Mark your calendars...
School Events Committee happenings...
Saturday, 1/21 - 
Spaghetti Dinner
Monday, 2/6-
Monthly Meeting 7pm
.... Gala planning continues....
This year's annual fundraiser...

With only  97 days until our major fundraiser, much help is needed! 
Restaurant connections?
Please  c ontact Trish Sylvia at
Able to assist with gathering of donations?
Please contact Mrs. Russo at
* Baystate Gymnastics* 
Openings still available for Session 3!
Click here   for  Sign Up Sheet  
Art Club for Grades 5-8 began last week, but openings still remain and it's not too late to jump in!
Click here f or flyer and details!

Fly on the Wall H eard from the Hall...

I am finding that one of the greatest "fly on the wall" opportunities comes with the supervision of students from the hallways  outside of the bathrooms.  
The addition of the instructional basketball program has added more opportunity for these priceless
 bathroom exchanges:
Student #1: "My sister goes to a private                                         school."
Student #2: "Really?"  
Student #1: "Yeah... and they can't talk                            about God at all in her                                 school."
Student #2: "That's not a private school,                             that's a public school!"
Adventures from this week...
     What a quick week it was!  Final preparations are well underway for our annual Catholic Schools Week celebration.  Please pay close attention to the happenings of the week, by familiarizing your family with the fridge copy of our schedule that was sent home today.  We have several assemblies planned, and would certainly welcome parents and family members to come and celebrate what makes St. Francis such a unique and wonderful school.  Please participate by joining us whenever you are able!

     CSW 2017 will kick off with Holy Mass on Sunday, January 29th at 10:30am at St. Francis Xavier Parish.  If your family is planning on attending weekend Mass at another parish, and your child wears his/her uniform to celebrate their Catholic education, (and would like to be the recipient of a Dress Down Day Pass), please take a quick picture and email it to While we would love to have a great showing of students in uniform at SFX, we understand that weekend schedules can at times be challenging.  

     Thank you to those who have agreed to advertise for our Open House, which will take place after Mass on the 29th.   We will open our school doors from noon until 2pm to welcome new potential families for tours and open enrollment.  While many of our visitors are preschool and potential kindergarten students, we often receive inquiries about the other grades as well.   Please secure your child(ren)'s spot(s) for the 2017-2018 school year by Friday the 27th, so we are aware of the potential openings within each of our classes.

Tomorrow evening, the School Events Committee will bring back an old tradition by hosting a Spaghetti Dinner! I am hoping to see many of our families as we come together for some great food and an opportunity for some fun and fellowship.  
Enjoy your weekend and God bless!

     ~Mrs. Russo
Faith in Practice
Please join us if you are able for our next school Mass:
Monday, January 23rd @ 9am
(Weather permitting)

1st reading:  Evan Moniz (6)
Psalm:  Catherine Miller (7)
Prayers of the Faithful:  Emma Liarikos (8)

We're "Opening Doors for God's Love to Walk Through!"
January 29th-February 4th
  • Schedule--hard copy went home today
  • Family Selfie door poses--send to
  • Willing to put up a lawn sign?
    click here to let us know and we will route one to you...thanks for considering!
  • Share the Open House promo card  (sent home today) with someone you know and if they come for a tour you will be entered into a RAFFLE for $50 cash or extended credit.
  • Please send a photo of a family member/loved one living or deceased who is or has served in the MILITARY (in uniform if possible) with their name to   

Could you use a $100?
This is the last week to submit your pics for the 
Smile  Funny Foto Contest
...keep them coming!  

Please forward any and all contest worthy photos to and we will see that you are in the running for a 
$100 gift card to be awarded on the 100th day of school! 
CONTEST ends  January 30th! 
Congratulations to all our middle school students on a wonderful display of their science knowledge last Friday.