Your weekly update from St. Francis Xavier School...

Come join us in this Month of the Rosary to pray the  Living Rosary
Saturday, Oct 15th at 12:00 noon 
(in the church parking lot)  
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Next week's LUNCH MENU at-a-glance:
Oct 17
Mozzarella Sticks
Oct 18
Sloppy Joe
Oct 19
Creamed Turkey
Oct 20
Taco Salad
Oct 21
Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup

Mark your calendars...
School Events Committee
Looking forward to
Mother-Son LEGO fun at our Movie Night on
Sunday, Oct 16th
@ 5:00pm
Don't miss out on a great shopping opportunity
at our
Saturday, Nov 5th
Grade 8 proudly presents the
Fun for the whole family !  
Music, games, treats and the famous Haunted Stage!
Fall line-up:
Click here for the Session 2 flyer  which starts Nov 7th.

Fly on the Wall.... 
Heard from the Hall!
There has been quite a bit of illness here at school, which has resulted in numerous absences and many trips to the nurse's office.  This week, a second grader who was experiencing nausea was also crying while visiting the school nurse........
Nurse:  What's the matter?  Why are you crying?
Student (through sniffles and tears) :
I don't feel good, but I don't want to go home!
time_2_learn_vector.jpg Please take note:
Important academic milestones coming soon...

Progress Reports will be sent home 
for students in grades 1-8 
on October 25th

Parent/Teacher Conferences 
for parents of students in Grades K-8
November 7, 8, and 9
A notice will be coming home for you to send in a preference of date/time availability.  You will then be assigned a time slot to meet with your child(ren)'s teacher(s) and discuss their academic progress.  

The highly popular
visitation program started on October 3rd. Eighth grade students who are interested in a "Day-in-the-Life" of a Spartan are encouraged to spend a day at Bishop Stang High School with one of our friendly student ambassadors. Visits are scheduled by appointment only and the program is open to five visitors each day. Please call the Admissions Office at 508-996-5602 x435 to schedule your visit. 

Open House for prospective students and their families will be held on Sunday afternoon, November 6th from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Activities include student-guided tours, an overview of academic programs, religious activities, co-curricular activities and an explanation of the admissions process. 
 Go and learn more about the 
Bishop Stang Difference!
This week's adventures...
Coincidence?  Or a sign?

On Thursday morning this week, our early to arrive extended students were the recipients of quite a visual treat!  A beautiful rainbow formed directly over our school and reminded us of the beauty of God's creation! 
We are so blessed!
We had a great four day week that  was concluded today with a  Dress Down Donation Day.  Our National Junior Honor Society did a great job advertising, raising awareness, generating interest and contributing to our Respect for Life cause, Birthright. Thank you for allowing your children to participate in today's "Act of Love", as we are able to make a donation as a school for $640 to assist local women and babies through this pregnancy resource and support center. 

There have been quite a few absences these past few weeks, as the "back to school bug" makes it's way through the building.  Please make certain that your children are getting ample sleep, proper nutrition and plenty of fluids!   

Please consider joining us, if you are able, for our first, all grades included, school Mass of the 2016-2017 school year!!  Our three and four year olds are ready to make the journey down Main Street, and (weather permitting), our entire school family will attend Holy Mass on Monday the 17th!  Come if you can! 

Hoping to see many of our boys and their moms this Sunday at our second annual Mother and Sons Event here at the school!  The evening will begin at 5pm, and where there are Legos, there is fun!  
 Have a wonderful weekend and 
God bless!
        ~Mrs.  Russo
Faith in Practice
Our preschoolers will join us for the first time at our next school Mass on
October 17th @ 9am
PS3-Grade 8
(weather permitting)
1st reading:  Savannah S. (5)  
Psalm:  Amber E. (5)
Prayers of the Faithful: Kailey A. (5)
Looking forward to
our Second Annual 
All Saints Day
Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help with what is sure to be a fun, faith-filled event!
Please submit your forms which were sent in hard copy today.  We would like to include all names in our November prayer intentions basket for All Souls.

PS4-McKenna and Grade 3 
are still in the lead 
for the ice cream cake prize, 
but the CONTEST ends 
October 25th...
Keep sending in your sheets!
As a school we've already collected 8,953 tops!
Thank you!
More ways to work down your FFO:

Otis Starts October 24th!  
40% of sales counts toward your FFO.

Get giftcards through shopwithscrip for Christmas shopping and work down a % of your FFO!  

More details soon...

Portrait packages went home this week...

Weren't satisfied with the way your child's picture turned out?
Tuesday, November 15th
  • Have your child bring the unwanted photo package on that day and they will take a new picture.

With the arrival of fall comes cooler weather.  The time has arrived for students to come to school in an appropriate coat. 
Please also note the seasonal shift 
in our Dress Code:
  • Shorts should no longer be worn.  Uniform pants daily and gym sweatpants on gym days should be worn to school.  
  • Students should be wearing a uniform sweater to keep warm in the classroom.  Sweatshirts are only to be worn on gym days. All Spiritwear (fleeces, hoodies, etc.) should be reserved for "Spiritwear days" which will be announced in advance.

Please contact your classroom teacher or the office with any questions.  The swap shop is also available year-round for uniform needs.  


Thank you for your cooperation in upholding our uniform policy!