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Everything was AWESOME!  
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Don't forget!
K-8 parents! 
Please return your Parent Teacher Conference time preferences sheet next week to ensure you get your first choice time slot.

Next week's LUNCH MENU at-a-glance:
Oct 24
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Oct 25
Chicken Patty
Oct 26
Pizza wedge
Oct 27
Mozzarella Sticks
Oct 28
Meatball sub

Mark your calendars...
School Events Committee
******************* colorful_gifts.jpg Don't miss out on a great shopping opportunity
at our
Saturday, Nov 5th
Grade 8 proudly presents the
Fun for the whole family !  
Music, games, treats, and the famous Haunted Stage!

To get in the spirit of the evening, students will be invited to
dress in black
and orange during school on Friday the 28th!

Tickets $5 each or $15 per family (3 or more) ...ALL tickets will be purchased at the door.
Any candy donations appreciated by Oct 27.
Fall line-up:
Click here for the Session 2 flyer  which starts Nov 7th.

Fly on the Wall.... 
Heard from the Hall!
The following statement was made this week by a tardy student who entered the school office to obtain a purple tardy slip:
Unidentified student:  
"I'm sorry I'm late Mrs. Reis.  
I wouldn't have been, but I needed to get a foo shot."
time_2_learn_vector.jpg Please take note:
Important academic milestones...

Progress Reports will be sent home 
for students in grades 1-8 
on October 25th

for parents of students in Grades K-8
November 7, 8, and 9

Please return the notice sent home today with your preference of date/time availability.  You will then be assigned a time slot to meet with your child(ren)'s teacher(s) and discuss their academic progress.  

A message for our middle school parents from...

Bishop Stang High School's mission is to educate students in a holistic way that honors their unique learning styles, talents and gifts.  Students experience an extensive variety of athletic and co-curricular activities where gifts are shared and developed.  Studies continuously show that along with parent involvement, participation in activities outside the classroom bring immeasurable value in building leaders with integrity, moral perspective and collaborative skills.

Click here to watch  our Bishop Stang High School video (created by a Bishop Stang alum, Kevin Luiz and featuring a number of our local Catholic elementary school graduates)  to learn more about how we build on this strong foundation by inspiring excellence, strengthening faith, developing leadership and building confidence in our young people.  

Visit the 
Bishop Stang 
Open House 
Sunday, November 6 
from 1:00pm - 3:00pm 
( families of all middle school students are invited to attend).  Go to for more information.  

8th graders can start their application to join our family now.  Apply to Bishop Stang!
This week's adventures...
 The week was kicked off on Sunday evening as many of our Moms and Sons gathered for a Lego adventure!  Fun, food, Lego building and the Lego Movie made for a night to remember here at SFX! Thank you to all who attended and assisted with the event. Your participation in our school events is noticed, appreciated, and necessary for building our community and making memories. 

Our upcoming week brings more excitement as our 8th graders prepare for their major fundraising event of the year.  To get in the spirit of the evening, students will be invited to dress in black and orange on Friday the 28th!   We will all gather that evening for some spooktacular fun! Please plan on joining us for our annual Halloween dance that is filled with fun for the whole family.

All Saints Day is our next celebration,  as our students will celeb rate our school tradition and Holy Day of Obligation by dressing as saints, attending Mass, and participating in an awesome All Saints Day Trunk or Treat.  This whole school tradition has become a much loved and appreciated confirmation of the practice and appreciation of our faith. 

Thank you to all of you who snipped and clipped Boxtops for Education!  Your efforts  truly paid off! Collaboratively the school has already collected over 10,000 tops, resulting in a thousand dollars for our school use... easy money!  Thank you for your continued participation in our school's fundraising efforts. Classroom winners of the ice cream cake celebration to be announced soon... contest ends on Tuesday.  It's a close race! 
 Have a wonderful weekend and 
God bless.
        ~Mrs.  Russo
Faith in Practice
Please join us for our next school Mass on
October 24th @ 9am
PS3-Grade 8
(weather permitting)
1st reading: Allison B. (8)   
Psalm: Catherine M.(7) 
Prayers of the Faithful: Rebecca A. (6)

This weekend offers another opportunity for  Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier parish.  
Consider coming to learn about
Lectio Divina
Transforming Bible Study into Prayer into Love 
by Steven Guillotte
Oct 23rd 9:15am and 
Oct 25th at 7pm.
Looking forward to
our Second Annual 
All Saints Day
Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help with what is sure to be a fun, faith-filled event!

We're in the FINAL STRETCH!
Who will win the ice cream cake prize!?!?!  We have already collected a little over 10,000 box tops.  The race is close, but there's still time for a final push...
Tuesday, October 25th
Thank you!
More ways to work down your Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO):

Otis Starts October 24th!  
40% of sales counts toward your FFO.

Get giftcards through shopwithscrip for Christmas shopping and work down a % of your FFO!  

Orders due Oct 28th!  
woman_catcher.jpg South Coast 
Girls Softball
Ages 5-15
Registration Event 
Sunday, Oct 23
Weren't satisfied with the way your child's picture turned out?

Tuesday, November 15th
  • Have your child bring the unwanted photo package on that day and they will take a new picture.

Let's try this again...
Please note the seasonal shift 
in our Dress Code:
  • Shorts should no longer be worn.  Uniform pants daily and gym sweatpants on gym days should be worn to school.  
  • Students should be wearing a uniform sweater to keep warm in the classroom.  Sweatshirts are only to be worn on gym days. All Spiritwear (fleeces, hoodies, etc.) should be reserved for "Spiritwear days" which will be announced in advance.

Please contact your classroom teacher or the office with any questions.  The swap shop is also available year-round for uniform needs.  


Thank you for your cooperation in upholding our uniform policy! 


Does your child have an electronic device?  Do you let them enter into group chats, texts, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook?  

Help us to help your children become responsible users of devices and follow the "golden rule" on social media! 
Please check your child's devices frequently in order to assist them in responsibly navigating their way through the cyberworld.   Kids are more apt to say things that are unkind via chat than they would say in person.  
It  takes a village....