Serve on one (or more) of CMA's Councils and Subcommittees for 2021-2022
The CMA Board of Trustees, via its Committee on Nominations, is seeking recommendations for KCMS/CMA member physicians who are interested in and willing to serve on its standing Councils and Subcommittees for 2021-2022.

Learn more about the Councils and Subcommittees purpose and member responsibilities here.

Frequently asked questions are addressed here.

If you are interested, please look over the 2021 Council and Subcommittee information packet here.

Please submit applications through the form on the CMA websiteThe deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 7, 2021.

If you would like endorsement from KCMS, please email on or before May 21.
CMA’s Council and Subcommittee structure addresses the entire range of health care issues that impact the practice of medicine in California. Establishing standing bodies assigned to specific subject areas enables and fosters the development of expertise and imparts continuity and coherence to CMA policymaking. Standing Councils and Subcommittees provide opportunity for members to become engaged with their Association and to grow professionally as policy experts and leaders, and at the same time enable the association to benefit from the powerful intellectual and creative resources of a large and diverse membership.