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Health Care Options for New Mexicans

It's time to make sure all New Mexicans have information about how to get health care. This newsletter provides an introduction to a number of these options. The good news is that there is FREE help available to find the best option for you. Be healthy, New Mexico!
BeWell NM - The Marketplace

If you don't have health insurance through a job or government programs, t he Health Insurance Marketplace is NM's online store where you can go shopping for a health plan. The enrollment period for these plans is November 1-December 15. The time is short, and everyone needs to act quickly. 

The BeWellNM website will take you through the steps.
2 3 DONE!
Learn about health coverage at
 Compare costs and coverage of different health plans Enroll online in a plan that's right for you Start using your health plan when coverage begins.

Four insurance carriers are offering Marketplace plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield; Christus Health Plan; New Mexico Health Connections; and Molina Health Plan.

Check to see if you qualify for a premium subsidy to help you pay for health insurance this year. You may be pleasantly surprised! Learn more about low- or no-cost health insurance programs.

Questions or concerns? Hundreds of Enrollment Counselors throughout the state are available at no cost to help guide you through the enrollment process. Although they can't recommend a specific plan to fit your needs like an Agent or Broker, Counselors can provide you with unbiased plan information as you make your decision. Find a Enrollment Counselor near you.
Centennial Care for Adults

Centennial Care is NM's Medicaid program. The program expanded In 2013 to cover adults with household income up to 138% of the poverty line and pregnant women up to 250% of the poverty line. The program also covers eligible persons who are aged, blind and/or disabled.

Starting on January 1, 2019, services will be provided by 3 managed care organizations (MCOs): Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Mexico; Presbyterian Health Plan; and Western Sky Community Care. These services include physical health care, behavioral health care, long-term care, and community benefits. Eligibility for all Medicaid programs requires that individuals meet certain federal guidelines , including citizenship/immigration status  and income requirements and be a resident of NM. 

Medicaid enrollment is open all year. Again, enrollment counselors are available to help. To apply for Centennial Care online visit the   YesNM Online Portal, create an account and follow the instructions. Or call  1-855-637-6574  to complete a Centennial Care application by phone. 
Keeping Children Healthy

Two programs provide health coverage for children. Centennial Care for Children provides health services for eligible children, including health screenings, preventive health services, services to improve a condition or prevent its worsening, and treatment of medical conditions. It also includes a complete range of mental health services which include treatment for alcohol and substance abuse.

NM's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides health coverage to children who do not qualify for Medicaid but still need help covering the costs of health care. 
  • Children ages 0-6 are eligible with income up to 300% of poverty;
  • Children ages 7-18 are eligible with incomes up to 240% of poverty.
CHIP provides comprehensive services, like routine check-ups, immunizations, doctor visits, dental care and prescriptions. Find a dentist in your community who sees children and accepts Medicaid and CHIP.

  Apply online on the   YesNM Online Portal . Or call  1-855-637-6574  to complete an application by phone. Find an enrollment counselor who can help. 
Health Care for Immigrants & Refugees

Many health care providers in New Mexico serve immigrants and refugees and often offer financial assistance. The   NM Center on Law and Poverty (CLP) has put together a resource list as a guide for immigrants seeking health care and financial assistance in New Mexico.

Many immigrants can purchase health plans from the Marketplace and qualify for Medicaid and CHIP (more information on eligibility). For those who cannot, including DACA, undocumented immigrants, there are options available. 
  • Emergency Departments in Hospitals. If you need emergency medical care, go to the emergency room. By law, anyone who shows up at an emergency room must be seen and treated.
  • EMSA (Emergency Medicaid Services for Aliens) may cover some of the costs of emergency medical care, including labor and delivery.
  • Many hospitals, counties and community-based health organizations that offer low or no-cost services, regardless of immigration status, are included in the Resource List.
You never need to tell a health care provider if you are undocumented or that you do not have a social security number. Instead, ask about options for low-income patients. If the clinic or hospital demands a social security number or information about your immigration status, call the CLP at (505) 255-2840.

What About "Public Charge?" The White House has announced proposed changes to the Public Charge policies, which consider use of public benefits, including health care benefits, by those applying for "green card" status. Note: public charge is NOT a consideration when applying for citizenship. Many organizations in New Mexico and the US will be commenting on these proposed changes.

Advocates encourage us to continue to apply for, keep and use these public benefits. If changes do occur, they will probably take a long time to become effective and will not be retroactive. For more information, visit CLP's website.
Upcoming Events

Binational Health Month October 1-31.  The  Consulate of Mexico  and Ventanilla de Salud  invite you to participate in the XIII Binational "Health Month," a series of health promotion and education activities focusing awareness on Mental Health: "Mente Sana Vida Sana" (Healthy Mind - Healthy Life). Follow news and live coverage on Facebook

New Mexico Association for Home & Hospice Care's Annual ConferenceNovember 8 at Marriott Pyramid North in Albuquerque. Speakers: William A. Dombi, J.D., President, National Association for Home Care & Hospice; Giovanna Rossi, Family Friendly New Mexico; J'non Griffin, Home Health Solutions; Cindy Campbell, RN, BSN, CHHCM, CHCM, Fazzi & Associates. Contact email:    Learn more and register. 
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