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The NM Legislature's 60-day session began January 15 (noon) and will run through March 16 (noon). Things happen fast!  SHARE wants to help you track legislation and engage with your legislators on issues that matter to you.   
Tracking 2019 Legislation

Keep up to date on proposed legislation affecting SHARE's social initiative areas. Each list below will provide links to legislation and legislative sponsors. Keep on top of legislation that matters to you and let the bill sponsors know your position. 

If you would like to add a bill to this list please send bill number(s) to 

You can track other legislation and find information about Roundhouse happenings at the NM Legislature website.

Do you have news to SHARE?

Do you have news or events that you would like New Mexicans to know about? We can help you get the word out. As always, we welcome your suggestions and feedback on resources for New Mexicans. Post your events on one of our many SHARE calendars. Visit our County and Initiative pages to find out what's happening in your communities of interest. Recommend a resource for our SHARE Library. And don't forget to check our Grants & Funding page to see if there is a grant opportunity for YOU.  Contact us and share what matters to you. 
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