NEWS | 14 July 2016
Roy Mottahedeh with former students, now current colleagues.
SHARIAsource Hosts Major Conference on Judicial Procedure
As a flagship project of the  Islamic Legal Studies Program (ILSP) SHARIAsource  hosted a conference on  Courts and Judicial Procedure in Early Islamic Law this spring at Harvard Law School. The conference honored Professor Roy Mottahedeh's retirement with an impressive array of scholarship on questions about the actual practice of Islamic law in its founding period. We may know much about the substance of early Islamic law, but even as we contest it, we know little about the procedures that litigants followed when they came to early Islamic courts. Participants from around the globe addressed this theme as a way of gaining insight into the full workings of Islamic law -- both its substance and procedure.
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SHARIAsource blog is Now LIVE
SHARIAsource's blog is now live! We'll be updating regularly with experts' insights into Islamic law and policy. If you have questions or ideas, f eel free to email us with a post or article pitch. Read more  Image credit: SHARIAsource
What Kind of Islamic Law Debates Arise after Violent Acts?
On our new blog, Iran editor Roozbeh Jabbarizadeh organizes his thoughts about the pressure on Muslims to respond after violent acts. He reflects on how the response demanded is usually one of justification or defense.  Read more 
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Muhammad Alī's Legacy & the Idea of "Civil Rights Shari'a"
SHARIAsource founder and editor-in-chief Intisar Rabb discusses Muhammad Alī's legacy with the BBC at his funeral; in standing against injustice through practicing what we might call the 1960s idea of a "civil rights shari'a," Ali's declaration that "I am America" may be even more relevant today.  Read more  Image credit: BBC News
Other News

SHARIAsource’s partner has a new name and expanded mandate: The Berkman Center is now the Berkman Klein Center for Internet Society. Its new $15m grant will “help ensure that Harvard Law School will remain at the forefront of problem solving as we confront and take advantage of the global and digital future,” according to Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow.  Read more