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With the new academic year, our newsletters resume. This month, we feature a recent blockbuster decision from the Indian Supreme Court addressing a much-debated issue of Islamic law. Our news round-up provides access to the 395-page case, along with a succinct summary of it, and commentary from scholars on Islamic law about it. For more, check out the SHARIAsource portal and blog—complete with new uploads for our network of editors and many new tech features worth checking out, and with many new features to come. We also have a new calendar of events and list of opportunities, to keep you updated on lectures, conferences, and job prospects at Harvard and around the globe. Feel free to contribute your own events or opportunities. As always, we look forward to your engagement. ~ The Editors
In Response to the Indian Supreme Court’s Recent Decision on Triple Ṭalāq: A Legislative Proposal
In a recent blockbuster case, the Indian Supreme Court declared triple  ṭalāq  unconstitutional, and gave the legislature six months to decide on appropriate reforms. Pakistan editor Zubair Abbasi responds to the decision and outlines considerations the legislature might address if it is open to engaging in comparative analysis by "taking into account the applicable Muslim divorce laws in various countries ."   Read more.   Image credit: Indian Defence Review
Indian Supreme Court Judgment Declaring Triple Ṭalāq Unconstitutional
In a 3-2 decision, the Supreme Court of India declared triple  ṭalāq  unconstitutional and gave India’s parliament six months “to consider legislation” for revising the practices previously addressed through triple  ṭalāq . In its opinion, the Court cited global advances in Islamic family law (in India, called Muslim personal law), including Islamic law jurisdictions (which India is not) as evidence of the need for legislative reform.   Read more . Image credit: Wikimedia
Round-up on Triple Ṭalāq
The Indian Supreme Court's recent decision on the constitutionality of triple  ṭalāq is built upon cases from past decades. In this post, we round up some of those cases and commentary about them by editors who work on the region.  India editor Akhila Kolisetty addresses the underlying tension between gender equity and a secular state demonstrated in the Danial Latifi case; Pakistan editor Jeffrey A. Redding argues that the crucial 2002 Shamim Ara case telegraphs the judiciary's intention to assert the unique authority of the modern Indian state . Read the full round-up . Image credit: Indian Supreme Court
In Remembrance
Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni  passed away on the 25th of September after multiple rounds of chemotherapy for his multiple myeloma. His work in international criminal law, human rights, and Islamic law are only some of the fields in which his force of thought and characters has been indelible. In his last public correspondence, he shared his reflections about his life, mission, and faith. "I want to thank you all for the important part that each one of you have [ sic ] played in my life, from the personal connections that make life joyous, to the professional support that helped me to follow my life's path, to try to make a difference for the betterment of humankind. I have been blessed countless times over to have such wonderful people in my life."
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ILSP SHARIAsource :: Upcoming Events

Book Panel :: Law, Religion, and Health in the United States (27 Sep 2017 | Cambridge, MA) . Intisar Rabb will moderate a panel of scholars, will discuss a recently published book on the intersection of law, religion, and health. Sponsored by the HLS Library. Details .
Book Panel :: The Futility of Law and Development (3 Oct 2017 | Cambridge, MA) . Intisar Rabb and other scholars will discuss Jed Kroncke’s recent book on law and development, with its implications for Chinese law, Islamic law, and global legal history. Sponsored by the East Asian Legal Studies Program. Details.
ILSP Film Screening :: A Separation (16 Oct 2017 | Cambridge, MA). Come see the film screening of the 2011 movie A Separation —about marriage, divorce, crime, and regret—directed by Oscar Award-winning director Asghar Farhadi ( For the Salesman , 2017). A Separation won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012, becoming the first Iranian film to do so. It also won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Sponsored by ILSP: SHARIAsource. Dinner and refreshments provided. Details and RSVP.
ILSP Lunch Talk :: Mapping Islam in Constitutions (20 Oct 2017 | Cambridge, MA). Dawood Ahmed will discuss his work on comparative Islamic constitutionalism. Details.
ILSP Lunch Talk :: Resurrecting the Ancient Jurists in Print (23 Oct 2017 | Cambridge, MA). ILSP: SHARIAsource Visiting Fellow Ahmed El Shamsy will be discussing the influence of print on Islamic legal thought. Details.

Other Events

"Conquest and Conversion in Medieval Muslim Sicily" (28 Sep 2017 | Cambridge, MA). Alex Metcalfe , Senior Lecturer, Department of History, Lancaster University, UK, will discuss part of his research on the Islamic world in the Mediterranean basin. Presented by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Details.

Islamic Legal Theories in the Late Post-Classical Period (29 Sep - 1 Oct 2017 | Berkeley, CA). Hosted by the UC Berkeley Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Details.

Business History Seminar: "Legal Change and Business Enterprise in the Middle East, 1850-Present" (16 Oct 2017 | Cambridge, MA). Seven Agir , Middle East Technical University, Turkey, will present and discuss his work as part of Harvard Business School's Business History Seminar at the Chao Center. Details.

Middle East Librarians Association Annual Meeting: Digital Scholarship and Middle East Librarianship (16-17 Nov 2017 | Washington, DC) . Further information will be announced as it is confirmed. Details.

Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting (18-21 Nov 2017 | Washington, DC). The annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. Details .

MESA Annual Meeting: "Judicial activism in the field of Egyptian shari‘a-derived family law" (21 Nov 2017 | Washington, DC). Monika Lindbekk will be presenting on aspects of judicial activism in the field of Egyptian personal status law for Muslims. In a country where reform of the current personal status codes is politically fraught, family court judges perform an important semi-legislative task in interpreting and applying the law. Taking this as a point of departure, her paper argues that courts are an important site for exercising Islamic authority and positioning citizens as religious subjects. Details.

20th General Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law (22-28 Jul 2018 | Fukuoka, Japan). A week-long conference on topics of comparative law, including workshops, round tables, and lunch meetings. A forum for younger scholars will also be held. Details .


Extended Call for Papers: Association for Iranian Studies 2018 Biennial Conference (14-17 Aug 2018 | Irvine, CA). The Program Chair has begun assigning panels and papers for adjudication, a process that should take about two weeks. If you can compete a submission in that time, the Program Chair should be able to route your submission for adjudication with the understanding that proposals received by 9/15 will have priority for inclusion in the conference program based on available space. Applications due 30 Sep 2017. Details.

Assistant- or Associate-Level Faculty Position in Islam and the Arts at Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA). Stanford University invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor or a tenured Associate Professor faculty position in Islam and the Arts. The search is open to scholars focused on Islamic religious arts and performance; non-religious artistic and literary productions of the diverse cultures of Islamic societies; and scholar/artist practitioners. The applicant must have a conferred terminal degree in his/her field by September 1, 2018. The appointment can be in one of the following departments in the School of Humanities and Sciences: Art and Art History, Music, Theater and Performance Studies, or Comparative Literature. Applications due 2 Oct 2017. Details.

Tenure-track Faculty Position Opening (Boston, MA). The Boston University Department of Anthropology invites applications from social or cultural anthropologists specializing in modern Turkey for a tenure track position starting in July 2018, pending budgetary approval. While the topical area is open, the department is especially interested in scholars who conduct research on political or economic anthropology, gender, religion, refugees and diaspora, or the environment and health. We particularly seek candidates whose work shows an integration of social theory with empirically grounded research. Applications due 2 Oct 2017 . Details.

Assistant- or Associate-Level Faculty Position in Law and Legal Institutions in Muslim Societies (Palo Alto, CA). Stanford University invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor or a tenured Associate Professor faculty position focused on law and legal institutions of Islam and/or Muslim societies in any time period. Applications due 15 Oct 2017 . Details.

Call for Papers: American Oriental Society 228th Meeting (Mar 2018 | TBD). Members of the Society are hereby invited to submit communications to be presented at the 228th Meeting. The Program Committee will not accept papers for inclusion on the Program submitted by members who have not paid 2018 membership dues and pre-registration fees in full or who neglect to submit abstracts by the October 15, 2017 deadline. In addition, to submit an abstract of a communication for the Program of the Annual Meeting, you must be logged-in to your user account. If you are not yet an AOS member or your membership has lapsed, you will need to create an account by registering and submit payment for dues and pre-registration before you submit the abstract. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should cover the following points: (a) the precise topic treated, (b) your exact contribution to the problem, (c) its relationship to previous scholarship on the topic, (d) specific conclusions. Proposals due 15 Oct 2017 . Details .

Call for Papers: Law at the Crossroads: Le Droit a la Croisée des Chemins (7-10 Jun 2017 | Toronto, Canada). Submissions are open for the Law and Society Association's annual meeting, jointly hosted with the Canadian Law and Society Association. Proposals are due 18 Oct 2017 . Details .

Two-Year Junior Research Fellowship (2018-2020 | Boston, MA). The Crown Center for Middle East Studies is offering  two-year fellowships to outstanding scholars of Middle East politics, economics, history, religion, sociology, or anthropology for the 2018-2020 academic years. This consecutive, two-year fellowship is targeted at junior scholars with PhD in hand and not yet tenured. The fellowship’s goal is to allow junior scholars the flexibility and means to advance a specific research project related to the contemporary Middle East. Applications due 31 Oct 2017 . Details .

Call for Papers: Rethinking Halal: Genealogy, Current Trends, and New Interpretation (24-25 Apr 2018 | Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium). The  Université Catholique de Louvain  Chair of the Law and Religions Research Institute in Religions, Societies, Cultures, Spiritualities invites scholars and researchers to speak on the genealogy of halal since Muslim religious scholars started to instruct a written knowledgeable debate on ‘halal’ and to unravel Muslim social practices toward it. The conference will discuss how the main stake holders in the halal industry (‘ulama, state, halal certificate bodies, scholars) are producing halal norms and standards applying to ‘others’. Abstracts are due by 8 Jan 2018 . Read more

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