What's Found in our Bi-monthly Newsletter
Hi friends,

For this May 2021 edition of my SHELOVELIFE newsletter I’ve complied some frequently asked questions about life on the road as a full-time traveler and multi-disciplinary artist. I hope you enjoy reading through this quick update which includes information about future plans.

You will also find the announcement of special event days in Michigan for dance, photography, and henna, dates that we have NO CLASSES due to the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, details about the newly added offering to our weekly schedule and a free demo class to try it out, and information regarding our ongoing referral program and opportunities to gain free access to virtual classes.

Thanks for your continued support and hope to connect with you soon!

Do you have a pre-determined route or schedule for your trip?
I have a few key dates for visiting friends will on the road and I plan to be back in Michigan by the end of July. Otherwise, I do not have a planned-out route for this trip and just go where the wind takes me. Ideally I’m staying in one place for 2 weeks at a time so I don’t waste gas and don’t get burnt out from driving and having to find new spots to camp each week, but I’ve had a couple of weeks where I landed somewhere that had a stay-limit I was not aware of or the cell service and connection was not good enough to conduct my dance livestreams so I unfortunately had to relocate and try again elsewhere.

How are you able to successfully host livestreams each week for our virtual classes?
Weather that’s optimal for dancing outdoors and good internet coverage are my two main priorities for this trip so I can stay connected to my dance family while I’m out here. When I’m getting ready to move on to a new place, my selection of route and camping spots are dictated by those two factors to ensure I can maintain our weekly schedule without disruption. Thankfully the technology to see service and connection strength helps me research where I can be ahead of time, and I conduct internet speed tests immediately upon arriving somewhere to confirm that I have enough coverage for our classes.

Are you on a permanent vacation?
No, not really. In fact, maintaining routine and consistency that’s similar to life before this journey is proving crucial to my mental health while on the road. I’ve got several ongoing dance, henna, and photography projects to keep me focused from week to week. Regular chores and maintenance are a big part of my schedule for making this trip possible, in fact, I would argue that I spend more time on “household” tasks now than before….certainly doesn’t feel like a vacation when you're working so hard on upkeep for your home. When I have spent time visiting with friends out here it’s been nice to squeeze in some sightseeing and extracurricular activities, but like most travel, that can get exhausting pretty quickly and can cause you to fall behind on important work.

Are you coming back to Ann Arbor?
I will be back in Michigan for the month of August and some portion of the beginning of September (see below for tentative dates for in-person events while I’m in the mitten). I’m looking forward to some photography and henna special event days in Ann Arbor and the Lansing area. I also hope to host our hybrid virtual and in-person outdoor Zumba classes on Sunday evenings during the month of August as we did last year. However, for those of you who have asked if I have plans to move back to Ann Arbor, unfortunately at this time I cannot afford the cost of living in that community so I’m keeping my future plans flexible until a return to normal can better steer any decision.

Will we return to in person classes at The Phoenix Center?
Until Michigan’s COVID restrictions have all been lifted, I do not feel comfortable hosting indoor in-person group classes. Current capacity restrictions will not cover expenses and personally I do not enjoy conducting body movement classes while wearing a mask so I’m patiently waiting until we are 100% back to normal. In the fall of 2020 I did release my commitment to paying rent at The Phoenix Center because our online attendance was not supporting the cost and it became clear that we would not be returning to in person classes anytime soon. With all that being said, I cannot confirm if we’ll have the ability to return to our regular weekly schedule at The Phoenix Center in the future. I do hope to keep hosting virtual classes with a hybrid model after resuming indoor in-person activities because I’m thrilled to be connected with friends who log on from across the country (and Canada!) with our online offerings. So continue to enjoy not having to beat traffic to class, look for parking, carrying your dance shoes in hand through downtown, or worrying about severe weather cancellations since none of these are applicable in our virtual setting!
Photography and Henna Art Appointments
Interested in photography or henna body art services with Sheila? I’ll be returning to Michigan for the month of August before hitting the road again. If you would like to get an appointment on the calendar with me, you can schedule now for safe and socially distant session if you're interested in having portraiture or body art done with me.

Mark your calendars for the below event dates where I’ll be offering discounted special event pricing on these services. Exact locations TBD. Eventbrite tickets will be made available to reserve your appointment for these special event days.

Henna with Sheila - Mini Session Event Days
Sunday, August 8th – Lansing area event
Sunday, August 22nd – Ann Arbor event

Photos with Sheila - Mini Session Event Days
Saturday, August 7th – Lansing area event
Saturday, August 21st – Ann Arbor event

Holiday Schedule and Class Cancellations
There will be NO CLASSES Sunday, May 30 through Tuesday, June 1, 2021 for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. My shelovelife.com website includes a live class calendar which is the most reliable way to track our weekly class schedule. The calendar will always indicate when there are NO CLASSES.

Please utilize the Zumba.dance website’s pre-registration system whenever possible. If a class is canceled due to instructor illness or inclement weather, you will receive an email notification since you have pre-registered online for the class. You can sign-up for scheduled classes up to 2 months in advance using your Zumba account. If you are someone who regularly drops in without pre-registering, you will NOT receive any notice and should be checking the Google class calendar and/or social media pages for any possible cancellations before attending each class.

New Class - Happy & Chill Hour
We're offering a FREE demo class for curious attendees to check out our new program, Happy & Chill Hour, at no cost. We’ll utilize mindfulness, breathing techniques, and both dynamic and static stretching set to a thoughtfully curated playlist to energize and inspire your mind & body.

Happy & Chill Hour - FREE Demo Class
Tuesday, May 11th, 2021
6:30PM EDT

I hope you drop in on Tuesday, May 11th to check out this new class, invite friends, and consider adding this to your schedule after enjoying the FREE demo! Give yourself a happy & chill hour each week, you deserve it.
Ongoing Free Access to Virtual Classes
We’re continuing our free access rewards for folks who support our dance family by spreading the word about our virtual classes. For the remainder of 2021, attendees may gain free access to a single class of your choice by leaving a positive review on Facebook, get a free week for sharing a public social media post in promotion of our classes, and get a month free if a friend referral makes a purchase to join us.
Additionally, if you keep an eye on my social media pages for random trivia questions throughout the months and be the first to comment with a correct answer you can also win free access to a single class. Multiple giveaways may be awarded to any individual, please contact me directly upon completion to claim your reward. Thank you for staying engaged, contributing to the success of our classes, and supporting our dance community in this way!
Stay Connected!
To keep in touch check out my Dance With Sheila or Photos with Sheila Instagram page, find our past Zumba playlists on Youtube, or the most recent playlist for Zumba class is available on Spotify for you whenever you need it.