“NCCTE encourages CTE programs to continue to affiliate with a CTSO and collect student dues during remote learning.
All North Carolina CTSOs will offer their programs, conferences, and student leadership development experiences in either a virtual or in-person format
based on the situation.
North Carolina CTSOs are committed to their continued support of intra-curricular/co-curricular integration into the CTE curriculum and providing student leadership and career development opportunities on the school,
state, and national levels.”

From the Version 3 – 2020
North Carolina Career and Technical Education Guidance for Re-Opening During COVID-19
Perkins 5 Update
You may have been asked about “affiliate”
memberships for DECA. 
We do not offer this type of membership. 
"Affiliate Membership dues" are a new piece
that CTE Directors can now pay for with Perkins funds. 
HOWEVER, the good news is that Perkins 5 can now pay for conference registration cost, lodging, & travel! 
(Travel was the ONLY thing they could pay for in the past.)

An EASY way to help your chapter's membership
is to get a Blazer Buddy. 
Share the QR Code or Link above with your parents, supporters, alumni, administration, etc.
The best part is that your advisor doesn't have to collect money or submit these Blazer Buddies! 

These links will allow the individual to go directly to deca.org, submit their membership, affiliate and CREDIT your chapter, and Pay all online!!

These links are also posted on the
NC-DECA website homepage!
Coming Up Next Week