Veterinarian Ann Nichols, DVM believes Cedar Ridge kennel to be "impressive" since "only 6.25% considered underweight."
The Missouri Attorney General on behalf of the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) recently sought legal action against Marlisa McAlmond d/b/a Cedar Ridge Australians. The Attorney General alleges that Cedar Ridge has failed to provide adequate veterinary care to its animals, failed to provide adequate housing, and failed to provide the animals with adequate health and husbandry measures. Cedar Ridge has also been cited for unsanitary living conditions and on several occasions cited for not providing drinking water for its animals. 

In her defense, Marlisa McAlmond provided statements from her veterinarian, Ann Nichols DVM, aka Ann Nichols Dye, from the Missouri Cat & Cow Veterinary Clinic in Koshkonong, Missouri. McAlmond Exhibits

These exhibits stand in stark contrast to those provided by the state.   MDA Exhibit 4 and MDA Exhibit 5

Among the McAlmond Exhibits is a statement from Dr. Nichols defending the number of thin dogs on the premises by contending that “since the early fall of 2019, this kennel experienced problems getting delivery of high energy sport mix dog food” and that “the dogs had to adapt to different brands of dog food.” Yet, Dr. Nichols admits that she has been the attending veterinarian at Cedar Ridge for the past five years and Cedar Ridge has been cited for thin dogs since 2016. Dr. Nichols even proclaimed the kennel to be “impressive” since she considered the number of dogs that were thin to be a small percentage of total dogs on the premises. Dr. Nichols comments that “At one of the last state inspector visits, fourteen dogs were cited as being underweight. With puppies and adults both counted on that day and numbering over 300, this seems like a low percentage for this size population.”  

Additional Statements of Ann Nichols, DVM
"This kennel is certainly not the showiest or fanciest, but it is functional."

"These questionable dogs are probably a healthy lean. Malnourished animals are not so efficient at reproduction and lactation."

"Reducing dietary intake by 25%, the life span of dogs can be significantly increased."

"This is a kennel of high energy active dogs that are normally lean anyway."
It is significant to note that Dr. Nichols actually praised this kennel and contends that it is “impressive”. She alleges that at Cedar Ridge, “the dogs are happy and active" and that this “is in contrast to what we have seen on other kennel premises.”   One wonders if Dr. Nichols has ever reported these worse kennels to the Missouri Department of Agriculture or to USDA or to local authorities. 
"The dogs are happy and active."

Regrettably these defense exhibits containing statements by Dr. Nichols, no doubt, had an influence on the judge who while continuing the Temporary Restraining Order against McAlmond, is allowing her to reapply for a state license to breed dogs at her Alton, Missouri dog breeding facility. We will keep you advised of the ongoing efforts by MDA and the Attorney General to seek justice for these animals.  

Please let Attorney General Eric Schmitt know that you sincerely appreciate his efforts to protect animals from abuse and neglect and
ask him to continue his efforts to seek legal remedies against
Cedar Ridge.
Attorney General Eric Schmitt