the oldest Men's Shaving line in the World. Established in 1805 in London, England. 

"Grooming Men For Greatness"
by shaving with this sophisticated shaving line. Visit Truefitt & Hill for a SHAVE the next time you're in London, England. 
What started as a modest gentlemen's barbershop has transformed into the World's foremost expert in Men's grooming.

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  The Shaving Steps      
#1 Scrub the Face 
$24.00 (3.4 oz.) 
#2 Apply the Pre-Shave
Oil $30.00 (2 oz.) 
  Prep the skin for the perfect shave
with the Scrub and Pre-Shave Oil!
Truefitt & Hill offers several classy and clean scents! The GRAFTON scent was a favorite of Sir Winston Churchill's when he was a regular at the London  
Truefitt & Hill Shop. 

GRAFTON: A woody fragrance with spicy
oriental notes, containing precious Woods and Amber with a hint of Leather.
#3 The Shave

Grafton Shaving Cream Tube  $22.00 (2.6 oz.)
Grafton Shaving Cream
Tub $30.00 (5.8 oz.)
#4 After The Shave

 Grafton After Shave Balm
$48.00 (3.38 oz.)
 Grafton Cologne
$75.00 (3.38 oz.)
 There is a fabulous GIFT SET
in the 1805 Scent!  
  Description: A fresh and oceanic scent. Top notes include Bergamot, Mandarin and Cardamom combined with a Lavender, Geranium and Sage, resting on Sandalwood, Cedarwood and a Musk Base.
Includes: One 1805 Shaving Cream Tub (5.82 oz),  
one 1805 Aftershave Balm (3.38 oz.) and one 1805 Cologne (3.38 oz.). ALL for $145.00!
 When the shaving creams are used with a Shaving Brush, it creates a lather and provides a smoother shave!
eShave makes excellent Badger
Hair Brushes and Shaving Stands.

All Badger Hair Brushes are hand-made  
in NYC by an Artisan, one piece at a time.

Click on the images to order the Badger Hair Brush and Twist Stand. $100.00.  
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