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Pillar Technology and QSM Associates Sign Partnership to Help Enterprises Transitioning to Agile.


QSM assoc. QSM Associates, Michael Mah, validates Pillar Technology in a partnership designed to deliver Agile efficiency metrics, and benchmark time to market, speed to value and the quality of results. Under the agreement, believed to be unique in the industry, Pillar will provide Agile enablement to enterprises, and QSM Associates will perform benchmarking services that are drawn from the industry`s largest and most complete database of project statistics.


QSM Associates provides the SLIM suite of software benchmarking and estimation tools. For more than 20 years, QSM has been researching software productivity and quality, including 10 years in the Agile environment. Using the QSM SLIM Database, comprising more than 10,000 completed software projects, QSM Associates delivers the most thorough and accurate project forecasts. 



This venture is in alignment with Pillar and our philosophy, "Execution Is Everything". As thought leaders embracing seemingly impossible business problems, Pillar works to make these problems merely hard. QSM will be able to provide Pillar with the "data" that will not only assist with project estimation, but also prove the current industry claims of Pillar's success with its clients. 

Upcoming Events
Agile and Beyond LOGO
Agile and Beyond 2013

Pillar proudly sponsors Agile and Beyond. Now in its fourth year, the grassroots volunteer-run Agile and Beyond conference will be happening again.  Featuring Pillar speakers: Matt Van Vleet, DJ Daugherty and Dan Davis. Come learn how we "Eat our own dog food" and you will likely find additional value from Agile Practice.

The Adoba Hotel, 600 Town Center Dr., Dearborn, MI  March 9


Training OpportunitiesTraining
A Day In The Life Of Agile
Pillar has designed a single-day agile project simulation that is engaging, educational, provocative, and fun. We divide attendees into teams and use a GUI-based Integrated Development Environment. Each team spends most of the day breaking down and completing an agile project. This simulation introduces concepts like time-boxed iterations, user stories, collective estimation, commitment to a product owner for iteration scope, formal verification ritual at iteration conclusion, tracking velocity, and making results big and visible through burndown or burn-up charts.   
The Forge Columbus, Ohio - February 28, 2013 SOLD OUT
The Forge Ann Arbor, Michigan - February 28, 2013 SOLD OUT

Activating Your Right Brain In A Left Brain World
A Forge creativity workshop designed to help people discover 
the power of the right brain (creative) and some of the limitations and constraints that hold us back as a result of our left brain, (logical cognition).The mission of this workshop is to demonstrate that the possibilities and velocity of change can be boundless - maybe even brilliant. 
Introducing the Pillar Farm Team Program

Pillar is proud to announce the launch of the Pillar Farm Team  Program -for Agile Talent Development.  The program was 

devised to enhance the skills, approach and knowledge of future Pillar software developers. Participants will learn best-practices

and principles of Agile which will prepare them for Pillar clients 

and projects.  Contact us for more information

In The Spotlight



Inspiring The Next Generations of 

Thought Leadership at Kids Code Camp! 


Matt Van Vleet, Pillar's Chief Strategy Officer and instructor of CodeMash  Kid's Camp,  knows the importance of inspiring the next generation in the technical realms. He recently organized and conducted, along with DJ Daughtery (Pillar), and Jennifer Bleen (COHAA), a kids coding camp held at the Forge, Columbus.  


It is no secret of the high demand in the marketplace for software developers. This course afforded an opportunity to introduce children to learn and experience several different software and hardware applications including:  Scratch, Ardruino, Quadcopitor and Rhasberry Pi's. Matt has found from his experience conducting this workshop, that kids are more "right brain" and are already agile, collaborative, and can think "out of the box" more naturally than adults. Interestingly enough, while this camp was going on, Bob Myers, Pillar's CEO and Mary Kaufman, Pillar's Chief Education Officer, were instructing adults in our "Activating Your Right Brain" workshop. These adults were being guided to be more agile, collaborative and creative by reconnecting to the power of their right brain. 


Pillar conducts such workshops privately and publically with the anticipation of broadening the scope of capabilities amongst its clients and community.  

This Month's Blog

Last Saturday I had the honor of speaking at Prizcon 2013; a very unique event sponsored by Pillar and the Win Win Institute for Response-Able Reentry.  You probably haven't heard of this conference and there is a good reason why...It is for prisoners at the Marion Correctional Institute.

I must say I was a little out of my comfort zone,...READ MORE


Bob Myers, CEO

The Pillar Post
Leave your constraints at the door.
Upon entering either Forge location, you have the opportunity to write down your thoughts on transformation - either personal or universal. The Forge philosophy is about leaving your perceived constraints at the door.  We believe words bring action!
This month's message: 
"Small dreams stir no man's soul. 
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