Monthly News & Updates | September 2021
Welcome to the September issue of SHPE's Graduate Announcements, News, Advocacy, and Scoop newsletter brought to you by the National Graduate Committee (NGC). This is a space where we highlight opportunities for current and prospective graduate students. 

If you have any questions, or you are interested in becoming a volunteer in the NGC, please email us at to learn more!
NGC Co-Chair & RGR4: Adrian Davila (
Adrian is a 4th year PhD student in Materials Science & Engineering at Virginia Tech.

NGC Co-Chair: Jordan D Sosa (
Jordan is a 3rd year PhD student in Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering at Harvard.

RGR Support Liaison: Adriana Mulero-Russe (
Adriana is a 4th year PhD student in Bioengineering at Georgia Tech.

Mentorship Lead: Gavin Gonzalez, RGR7(
Gavin Gonzales is a rising 3rd year Ph.D. student in biomedical engineering with a concentration in biomaterials at Duke University.

SHPE Board of Directors Vice-Chair: Emily Anne Vargas (
Emily is a 4th year PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Southern California.

SHPE con GANAS Lead (editor-in-chief): Julie Lorenzo, RGR6 (
Julie is a 1st year MS student in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Industry Partner Leads: Dayane Oliveira ( ) and Alejandra S. Escalera Mendoza (
Dayane is a 5th year PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering at UC Davis. Alejandra is a 3rd year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at UT Dallas.

Academic Partner Lead/Grad Track Contact: Juliana Trujillo (
Juliana is a 2nd Year PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Virginia.

Brought to you by Dow and SHPE's National Graduate Committee, this series of webinars covered the career opportunities available to Hispanics with an advanced degree in STEM, as well as, specific opportunities with Dow where they are changing how the world works.

We would like to thank the participants who attended the “Passport to Dow” program. This series of events was meant to give participants an inside perspective of what a career in industry looks like and to provide helpful information to making more informed decisions along their career journeys. Along the way, we hoped that you all got some insight into the culture of Team Dow and the diverse people, jobs, and technologies that the company takes great pride in showcasing. The panelists and speakers from Dow were impressed with the professionalism and interactive nature of the discussions and wish you all the best as you pursue your graduate degrees. Thank you!
In order to be eligible for the award, graduate students had to attend at least two of the sessions. Names were chosen randomly.

Travel and Registration Winners
  • John Toaquiza
  • Dayane Oliveira
  • Dora Gerardo

Registration Winners
  • Sandra De La Torre
  • Marcos Cortés
  • Jessica López
  • Mónica Gordillo
  • Ashleigh Herrera
  • Héctor Lozano Pérez
  • Jaqueline Rojas
Professional Development
November 11 | Sign up by October 15
This year at SHPE National Convention, the Graduate Track will hold a 3-Minute Thesis Competition at the Graduate Hospitality Suite! Eligible applicants should sign up by October 15th. Each application will be reviewed by peers and sponsors, and the top three presentations will present in person at the 2021 SHPE National Convention in Orlando, to win cash prizes.

SHPE 101
September 15 | 5-6pm PT | Virtual
The Region 1 graduate committee is excited to welcome our graduate members back for the first Gradient session of the school year! Join us for an overview of how we’re working to serve YOU. We’ll also offer networking so that you may meet more of your fellow graduate peers. Undergraduate and graduate students from ALL REGIONS are welcome to join us. Hope to see you there!

Graduate Opportunities
November 11-12
In the Graduate Track at the SHPE National Convention, graduate student participants can learn to develop relationships with academic and industry professionals, identify and plan for postgraduate career opportunities through workshops, access to the Advanced Degree Hospitality Suite, as well as showcase their research with our 3-Minute Thesis Competition. Early Bird rates end September 30!

3-Minute Thesis Competition | November 11 | Orlando, FL | Apply now
R1 Gradient: SHPE 101 | September 15 | 5pm PT | Virtual | Register now
Engineering Science Symposium | Abstracts Due September 30 | More info
2021 National Convention | November 10-14 | Orlando, FL | Register now
2021 National Convention Graduate Track | November 11-12 | Orlando, FL | Register now
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