October 2017 Newsletter
Message from SHS President - Ashley, Benedict, PhD.

On October 6, I attended the third annual Medical University of South Carolina's Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Symposium as the Society for Health Systems representative along with Education Committee Chair Jarvis Gray.  It started with a wonderful southern cooked breakfast followed by a keynote from Jerry Mansfield, Chief Nursing and Patient Experience Officer for MUSC Health.  Sprinkled throughout the day, there were short presentations on improvement projects and after lunch, we got to attend two workshops.  The event was very well organized and even had a live musical group during lunchtime.  Jarvis and I got a chance to share SHS with the attendees and let them know about the upcoming Healthcare System Process Improvement Conference that will be taking place in Atlanta on February 21 - 23, 2018.  It was a great regional event!
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Beginning at 1:30pm EST, the SHS Twitter page @SHSInfo and Instagram page Society_for_health_systems will post out one question every 10 minutes, with the third and final question posted at 1:50pm EST. Anyone who is online and following @SHSInfo or Soceity_for_health_systems will be able to answer the questions. Each month will have an overall theme and the three questions will spark an online discussion and pop-up learning community. If you are unable to join us each month at the designated time, make sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram pages so you can join in on the conversation later.

If you couldn't make it for the August conversation check out the links here (only Twitter links are available, Instagram posts went live in September):
 "Gemba and the art of active listening"
       -     1:30pm - How do you prepare yourself or someone else for a Gemba walk?
-     1:40pm - What kinds of things do you look for while on a Gemba walk?
-     1:50pm - When do you step into a conversation or activity while on a Gemba walk?
How does your organization handle change?

In his latest blog post as part of LeanBlog.Org Mark Graban provides insights on the importance of making sure change is done with people instead of being done to them. Click here to read Mark's article and be part of the discussion on how your organization handles change.
ACS NSQIP Geriatric Surgery Pilot Study May Help Improve Outcomes for Older Surgical Patients

A pilot group part of the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP) focused on geriatric population and measuring improvement in their expected outcome. The study involved 36,399 older adults who underwent operations at 31 hospitals participating in the ACS NSQIP Geriatric Surgery Pilot. The data analysis revealed that 10 of 14 geriatric-specific variables do contribute in predicting morbidity and mortality outcomes among older patients undergoing both general vascular and orthopedic surgery. Detailed information on the study and next steps can be found here

Young Professionals - Early Career Development Webinar - November 9 - (Open to all)

As an undergraduate engineering student, at times I was at a loss for what my future career would hold. The tools and principles I learned as an industrial engineer all made sense to me and I knew I was developing a special skill set, but the thought of using those tools in the manufacturing world was of absolutely no interest to me. One day, I discovered that these same tools and principles could apply to a career in healthcare, where the very projects I work on every single day create better processes and outcomes for doctors, nurses, and patients. Short of being the direct care provider for our patients, I cannot think of a more rewarding role.
Cody Hall
PI Specialist
WVU Medicine/Camden Clark Medical Center

As Cody, you may be interested to start a career in Healthcare as well. Or you think you are a better fit at a different position. Navigating your career path can seem overwhelming, sometimes. Knowing what you are looking for and what it is like are essential to help you make a rational decision, and find the position where you can harvest both success and happiness.

On November 9, the SHS Young Professional Committee will lead a panel discussion to explore career choices in engineering, consulting and data analytics paths in the healthcare industry. Please join us to meet a diverse and distinguished group of panelists, including Jordan Aronhalt, director of Process Improvement Engineering at Northwell Health, Laura Silvoy, Healthcare Systems Engineer at Array Advisors, and Tarun Mohan Lal, Principal, Outpatient Practice Redesign and Advanced Analytics in Practice Operations at Mayo Clinic.
Muyuan Li, Ph.D.
Sr. Health System Engineer
BayCare Healthcare Systems

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IISE Award Nominations - Due December 1
The deadline for IISE award nominations is December 1, and SHS has the opportunity to make a significant impact on promoting the profession, SHS, and industry members through award nominations. We would like to ask that you take a few minutes to review the Industry-focused awards, think about who you know that meets/exceeds the award criteria, and then work with the nominee to put together an award application. 

If you do not have the capacity to support creating a nomination, but you do have a nominee in mind, the IAB awards committee chairs can help facilitate a nomination. Please send them the name of the individual, the award you recommend they be nominated for, and why you would recommend them for the award.

Information about the award process and applicable industry awards can be found at  Award descriptions and nomination forms.  

Additionally, navigate here to nominate a non IISE member for an industry Honorary Member Award

Questions?    Contact Bonnie Cameron at   bcameron@iise.org

Submissions Now Open!
Entries are still being accepted for the 4th Annual HSPI Student Simulation Competition sponsored by FlexSim. Gather a team of four students (maximum) to solve a "real-world" healthcare situational case study using FlexSim's simulation software. Your team could win the first place prize of $2,500!
The deadline to submit your solution for preliminary judging is December 18. Three teams will be chosen to compete in the finals in Atlanta at the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference Feb. 21-23, 2018. The winning team will be announced at the conference. Each of the three finalist teams will receive $1,250 for travel to the finals, cash awards, complimentary conference registration and certificates. For more details about the competition and entry parameters, go to the simulation competition web page.
Don't miss this chance to show off your skills and reap the "awards".
Questions? Contact Bonnie Cameron at bcameron@iise.org.

Anything new to report?

Do you have a recent milestone in your career? Have you changed companies or changed jobs? We are excited to hear the good news.  Share your information here!
Society for Health Systems Scholarship  Sponsored by HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

Scholarship $$ available to undergraduate students enrolled full-time in any school in the United States and its territories, Canada and Mexico, provided: (1) the school's industrial engineering program or equivalent is accredited by an agency or organization recognized by IISE; and (2) the student is pursuing a course of study in industrial engineering and operations research with a definite interest in the area of healthcare. The amount of the scholarship is $1,000. Click here for the complete scholarship page and the required nomination form when you are ready!
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Lauren Todd