This Kit and video get you up-to-speed quickly with our new “ Widebus” feature. Crosstalk, AMI, STAT mode, and complex equalization take your QSI and DDR4/5 analysis to the next level.

SI Engineers use simulators and models like carpenters use hammers and nails. Which simulators are “good”, and what if the model I need doesn’t exist? Read our new post and get ready to solve the Next Great Thing.

Tool training is always a good idea. We offer extensive on-line training for both QCD and QSI so take advantage of this opportunity to hone your skills.

Legend has it that aerodynamic analysis proves bumblebees can’t fly. Legend also has it that DFE can’t be simulated correctly. But is this true? Dr. Mike helps us separate the facts from fiction.

Learn how the different forms of EQ work, and how to use them effectively. SerDes EQ is the secret sauce empowering you to optimize and fix your serial link.

This video and doc explain how to configure SiSoft’s Advanced SerDes model to match your device specs. Read about how Intel did it in this award-winning DesignCon paper.