Yes, you read that correctly. Read this post and be surprised by the power of SerDes Equalization Settings (SES). Ponder the mystery of why SES are rarely used, then get the Kit to try them out.

2018 software is available now. Try out Tracer, Debugger, Splice and Snap, and more. Check out the Release Notes to find out what’s new.

When BER is the metric of interest, learn how to trade eye height for width (pages 7 and 8). Is it possible it’s the total integrated eye opening the Rx really cares about?

Analyze your 30 Gbps or 15 Gbps HMC design with these Kits. Quantify BER compliance, passive channel performance and crosstalk against pre-configured masks. Not using HMC? We offer more than a dozen DDRx Kits as well.

While Classroom Training is the quickest way to get up to speed on our products, we also offer many hours of Quickstart Training Videos for both QCD and QSI.

…make it easy to model your device’s FFE, CTLE, DFE, AGC, NRZ, PAMx, UI, Rt and just about any other acronym you can think of. Watch this video to learn how.