What is your favorite definition? …“the analog side of digital”? This article describes Signal Integrity from angles not typically articulated: an essential differentiator that requires creativity.
You work with them every day, and SiSoft offers a variety of tools to help. Check out these videos and Kit to learn new features like splicing together THRU/NEXT/FEXT files.
The final piece in this series details often overlooked Manufacturing “gotchas” and Software “getchas” related to serial links. 188% better performance.
Dr. Mike explains how to debug your design using TDR plots. If you’re not regularly looking at TDR plots after Network Characterization, it’s only a right-click away.
They are all over your PCB.  Here’s what you need to know about them.
DDR simulation and timing is complex. Use our pre-configured Kits to quickly configure and use QSI to its fullest potential. You’ll be surprised how many complex measurements are fully automated.