Impedance discontinuities imposed by connectors and packages must be managed – particularly at higher data rates. This new post explains how to identify and fix their problematic reflections.
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Generate IBIS-AMI Models from your SerDes Design workflow using SiSoft, MATLAB, and Simulink.

SerDes Toolbox™ and the SerDes Designer App include examples to create IBIS-AMI models for the interfaces you work with every day: PCIe4, DDR5 (Controller and SDRAM using Back-channel), USB3.1, and CEI-56G-LR. Use SiSoft Link , to test your SerDes models developed in Simulink® using SerDes Toolbox™ in SiSoft® Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) and Quantum Signal Integrity (QSI).
Length and Loss don’t correlate like they used to. Figure 2 in Step 2 reveals a 4x variation in loss depending on your choice of PCB materials and dimensions, so choose carefully.
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Customize Transfer Nets with Rules Files to define and measure the performance metrics you care about. Rules files exist in /si_lib.  Try out this Kit to see how they work.