An interactive and flexible environment for SerDes Designers, SI Engineers, AMI Modelers. 
Learn from Micron about building DDR5 IBIS-AMI models, as presented at DesignCon 2019. SerDes Toolbox and QSI simulation, in action.
Our latest blog post will build your impedance intuition. What happens to impedance when a trace gets wider? …or further from ground? And what’s the relationship between loss and impedance? 
Amidst an increasing amount of interest and papers, DesignCon’s yearly AMI Panel captures how AMI is growing and changing. Learn what the experts had to say about what’s new with AMI.
Learn how to quickly verify, correct, and explore design options on any and every via and trace on your PCB. This video explains how to use QCD and QSI’s post-route “Padstack/Trace Mgr…”. 
Download QCD Kits for 802.3ba Chip-to-Chip and Chip-to-Module interfaces, and – for lower-cost 100GBASE-SR4 – 802.3bm CAUI-4 Chip-to-Chip and Chip-to-Module interfaces.