Have a look at this year’s presentation “Succeeding with Next-Generation AMI Models & Analysis”. Walter Katz, (MathWorks, formerly of SiSoft) led the discussion, along with AMI experts from Cisco, Intel, Micron, and Cadence.

Download our latest release to access new features such as QSI Widebus Crosstalk, QSI S-Parameters and IBIS 7.0 package modeling. See the Release Notes for details.

This video explains how to sweep trace parameters such as width and Er (go to 5:50) and via models (at 13:45).
…can be complex, but it is possible to simplify things. See this article’s section “Making it Simpler” for a process to guide layout.

106 Gbps, non-linearities, ADC-based SerDes, PAMx – it’s all here. And it’s fully configurable for your application.

Check out our mini-series on the subtle side of SI as we explore Engineering Judgment, Working With Layout, and ask the question “ When Should I Simulate?

Use color filters on subsets of data to understand your data. Examples on pages 7 to 10. Find more ideas in this video.