DesignCon is only days away. Come see us in Booth 935 as we celebrate decades of innovation and our 19th year at DesignCon. You won't want to miss the SerDes Toolbox Challenge. It's your chance to flex your SerDes Design muscles and snag some great prizes!! See you there!

Crosstalk levels have jumped from 2% to 30% forcing every engineer to pay attention. Learn the most common mitigation methods, and which distance accumulates serial link crosstalk at 1 mV/ mil.
Customize Transfer Nets with Rules Files to define and measure the performance metrics you care about.  Use the Kit to try it out.
Which features in an interconnect do you need to pay attention to, and why? Read this post to learn a simple rule-of-thumb to help you decide. Isn’t 30 mils too small to worry about?
This video explains how to quickly get the data you need using our unique Data Mining and Management features.
Enhancements for PAM4, DDR4, and Reports – see the Release Notes for complete details and an overview of the new functionality in 2018.07.