Our newest post explains SerDes Equalization and how to use it effectively. Learn how to balance a Tx and Rx and optimize your system by reading a channel’s pulse response.

Download our latest release to access new features such as QSI Widebus Crosstalk and IBIS 7.0 package modeling. See the Release Notes for more details.
This video series details our new “Widebus” feature in the 2019.12 Release. Schematically connect multiple signals to add crosstalk to QSI timing and waveform quality simulation. Widebus analysis also adds AMI equalization and/or statistical richness when STAT mode is on.
Attend our presentations and stop by Booth 935 to try the SerDes Toolbox Challenge! Use Discount Code EXD-nAc77 for 20% off your Registration, and click here to schedule a demo.
Read “7 Steps to Successful Serial Link Layout” and use its time-tested checklist to ensure your serial links are implemented correctly.   Download your copy today.
High-speed material datasheets specify frequency-dependent values for Er and Lt (Dk/Df). This video explains how to apply these parameters in both pre-layout and post-layout.