Which features in an interconnect do you need to pay attention to, and why? Read this post to learn a simple rule-of-thumb to help you decide. Isn’t 30 mils too small to worry about?
This video series now has six parts and covers all setup, simulation, and report details to ensure your success. Video #6 shows post-layout crosstalk analysis including cross-probing to PCB routes.
Part of SiSoft’s AMI leadership is pioneering a way to achieve statistical coverage with time domain (getwave) models. Watch this video to learn how STATify works.
This manual tells you how to tune our Advanced Tx and Rx models to match your device’s characteristics. Learn how to enter CTLE poles and zeroes or curves and validate performance.
Follow this link to access ~100 of our best papers covering a myriad of topics. Check back regularly – new information is added all the time.
This must be done before installing the upcoming 2018.07 software release. And the new license server is compatible with your current install.