After 26 years and a 1,000x increase in frequency, IBIS is still the leading format for SI models. Learn how it all started, what makes IBIS fly, and how you can get involved.
Ever want to use a SPICE buffer model in QCD or QSI? This video demonstrates the Spice Wrapper Editor wizard, step by step. It’s simpler than you think.
Design of Experiments (DOE) can trim your analysis time from weeks to hours using SiSoft’s seamless integration with JMP®. Available for both QCD and QSI.
16 Gbps. This Kit Includes the PCIe Tx/Rx IBIS-AMI, topologies, and compliance masks you need to simulate and validate your AIC, SB, or embedded channel.  Gen3 and Gen2 Kits also available.
Crosstalk levels have jumped from 2% to 30% forcing every engineer to pay attention. Learn the most common mitigation methods, and which gap distance accumulates crosstalk at an alarming rate of 1 mV per 1 mil.
COM updates and fixes for vias, metric units, and PADs imports. See the Release Notes for detailed information.