20 years of DDR engineering has brought us a 20x increase in bandwidth. This source-synchronous journey has been filled with SI and PCB layout challenges. Read and succeed with DDRx.
This video explains how to sweep trace parameters such as width and Er (go to 5:50) and via models (at 13:45).
Propagation through receivers changes with edge rate, and DDRx capitalizes on that using “slew rate derating”. This AppNote explains what it is, and how QSI automates this complex task.
Based on data rate, here’s a guideline to help you quickly decide which structures to pay attention to in simulation and layout. Welcome to the era of 30 mils.
While Classroom Training is the quickest way to get up to speed on our products, we also offer many hours of Quickstart Training Videos for both QCD and QSI.
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