Every SI Engineer does it. But what’s the right way to solve PI? Enter the discussion and share your approach as we transition out of the “wild-wild-west” era of Power Integrity.
Your Project has libraries of S-Parameters, W-lines, and IBIS files. Learn how they work and more in this Quick-Start Video Series. Do you know the different ways to combine S-Parameters? 
Model the frequency-dependent characteristics of your SerDes’ Tx/Rx. This AppNote details how to replace your IBIS analog model with S-parameters. 
Yes, you read that correctly. Read this post and be surprised by the power of SerDes Equalization Settings (SES). Ponder the mystery of why SES are rarely used, then get the Kit and try them out.
This AppNote explains how to import EBD models for use on the QSI pre-layout canvas. Hint: import as a PCB then extract.
How do they differ? Which type of EQ should I use when? Learn how to equalize your channel by understanding time- and frequency-domain characteristics. Start on page 15.