Every simulation is measured against something - typically compliance to a certain standard. With more than a dozen serial specifications, is there a way to simplify the task?
Ever want to use a SPICE buffer model in QCD or QSI? These videos demonstrate the Spice Wrapper Editor wizard, step by step. It’s simpler than you think.
Dr. Mike weighs in on how to comprehensively verify your layout. Why don’t we verify PCBs like we do ICs?
How do they differ? Which type of EQ should I use when? Learn how to equalize your channel using its time- and frequency-domain characteristics. Start on page 15.
Build your impedance intuition. What happens to impedance when a trace gets wider? …or further from ground? And what’s the relationship between loss and impedance? 
Propagation through receivers changes with edge rate. DDRx takes advantage of this with “slew rate derating”. This AppNote explains what it is, and how QSI automates this complex task.