Design SerDes systems and generate IBIS-AMI models using this integration of MATLAB®, Simulink® and QSI/QCD.  Watch the video and request a free trial today.

…is a great way to grow your skills and learn to trust simulation. The best projects and SI Engineers regularly engage in the practice, and you can learn all about it here.
QCD simulations are so fast (and faster with the sim farm) you can examine thousands of links (pages 12-19) and design options (pages 20-23). Sift the data using Advanced Visualization.
This Kit explains how to setup QCD to make automated performance measurements against target masks (eye, S-parameter, …). Sort your results and/or right-click to plot against your custom rules.
SI is vast and complex, but what do I really need to do in practice? Visit our 12-part series to take a fresh look at the craft and make the complex simple.
High-speed material datasheets now specify frequency-dependent values for Er and Lt (Dk/Df). This video explains how to apply these new parameters in both pre-layout and post-layout.